Friday, November 10, 2006

What a REBEL!

I wrote an entire post this morning, and then I deleted it in favor of this.

My KayTar has decidely become a toddler this week, except for, you know, the TODDLING. She is stubborn and opinionated, she only wants to eat yogurt and crackers/cookies/cheetos. She was defiant in therapy. Oh, and every time we turn our backs for a moment, she is suddenly missing.

What sort of rebellious, destructive things is she running away to do?

See for yourself.

Oh yes! She is sneaking, up the stairs, into the bathroom, onto her brother's step stool, to covertly BRUSH HER TEETH.

What a rogue dental hygenist we have on our hands.

Be afraid, plaque, be VERY afraid. The toddler years are here to stay.


Anonymous said...

She's so cute!

muse said...

ROTFL!! That is soooo darling! LOL

Andrea said...


Shel said...

Isn't great to see her do regular kid things even when she is struggling to do others? I just read the Pride post too and see the contrast. But she is a normal kid in some ways, she wants to do what she wants to do and she can sneak off to do it when she wants. So there. Kids are great that way.