Friday, November 03, 2006

Or Maybe More ;)

We decided to meet over Christmas break one day that year, at the mall, because his mom was already going there for an ophthalmologist appointment, and my friends and I were bored and thirteen year olds LOVE the mall. We were still on the phone and hadn't yet decided on a place and time to meet, when someone called in on our other line. I switched over and it happened to be a coworker of my dad's in Alaska (my dad worked in Alaska) Josh and I had to hang up. We never got around to setting up a time or place in the mall to meet, but my friends and I went anyway, because we were thirteen and OMG! THE MALL!

As soon as we arrived, my friends started in with the endless refrains of:
"Is that him?"
"Ooooooh, is THAT him over there?"
"What about him?!?"
To which I replied,
"I have no idea, I've never seen a picture of him before." (these were the Internet wilderness days...there was no Flickr)

We shopped for a while, and then I started to get hungry, so we headed to the food court. As we entered, a guy passed me with two slices of pizza.
Me: "That's him."
Friends: "Shut do YOU know, you've never seen his picture! Plus that guy didn't even say anything! And Josh has blonde hair...that guy doesn't."
Me: "Whatever, that's HIM. Go ask him...I'm going to get Arby's."

35 seconds later, my friends are back.
Friends: "OMG! Its HIM! We said 'Do you know a Kyla?' and he said 'Yes.' IT'S HIM!"

I grabbed my Arby's melt with Cheddar and my curly fries and went over to his table. We said "Hi." and not much else while my friends intently stared at us. After eating, we ditched my friends and walked around the mall together.

Don't ask me how I knew it was him, because I can't tell you. He didn't say a word as he passed me. I don't even think our eyes met. He was just some guy (without blonde hair, the liar!) walking past me with pizza...and I knew that he was Josh. spacemanZERO. I just knew. It is the single strangest thing that has ever happened in my life. I will never forget that day, what he was wearing, seeing his smile for the first time, or that feeling of knowing who he was before I had any reason to know who he was.

And so ends the meeting portion of our saga, join us tomorrow for the next know you can't wait to find out what this:

has to do with anything.


Andrea said...

Oh, I can't wait to read more! I LOVE Beavis and Butthead.... though I am not sure they should start a relationship. Hmmm.

muse said...

LOL! This is great, you tell a good story! :)

I can't wait to find out the rest!

Kyla said...

This is really taking me back!
I dreamt about making out with Josh in the back of his parent's old van last night...and today I'm craving Arby's!

Karianna said...

Ooooh! I went to B&B D A with a bunch of college friends. We put tequila in our water bottles to smuggle 'em in the theater. Rad, no?

Kyla said...

*lol* Ahhhh, in our younger days we put vodka in the water bottles.

And also some strange girl in gym class put it in her hairspray drinking from her hairspray bottle wouldn't be suspicious?

Karianna said...

Ick. Hairspray? OMG. No way. Although I guess some alcohol tastes like hairspray, come to think of it... so maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Anonymous said...

I always get the feeling that when we meet certain people, we recognize them from our future. I did the first time I met hubby: didn't know what role he was going to play in my life, but I knew he was going to be somebody.