Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You LOST her blood?!?

This morning I was awakened by a phone call. Of course I made Josh answer it while I pretended to sleep, but he nudged me and handed me the phone and it said Children's Hospital on the caller ID, so I took it. It was the lab. Evidently, when I took my poor sweet baby in last Wednesday they "routed one tube of blood incorrectly" and by the time they found it, it was too old to test. So I had to take my poor darling in again today. She was stuck two more times. Since last Monday, she has been stuck 5 times, all for the SAME blood work...and Friday she gets to have an IV for her MRI. I am so very sad. She looks like a tiny burn victim or a very cute boxer, I'll let you decide.

They offered to send a phlebotomist to my house...but I really didn't want to invite that kind of trauma into my home...and I also feel like the workers are at the Children’s Hospital are as gentle and as kind as they can be with her. We've turned it into a bit of a date, we go eat lunch in the cafeteria (which has yummy food like Chick Fil A), KayTar pretends to eat fries while I actually do eat my fries. We watch the waterfall for a bit, then we go visit the fishies (she tried hugging the fish through the tank today, it was very sweet). Last week they were having a carnival, so we went to visit the clowns and she got some neat stickers. And we wrap it all up with a nice round of needle poking and we are on our way home. It is still miserable, but it takes a tiny bit of the edge off, at least for me. I know she's having a little bit of special fun before the really awful part happens.

On a completely different subject, our dog jumped up onto BubTar last night and knocked his tooth loose! It was such a weird freak accident. I think he's going to lose it soon, he can't stop wiggling it. He's horrified that it is wiggly, but he just can't stop himself. I'm sad my baby boy is going to lose his first tooth already!


Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

ACK! How weird is it that I told my own phlebotomy story THIS MORNING?!!
Kiddo blood tests do, in fact SUCK. I am SO sorry for KayTar!! If you have any questions leading up to the MRI stuff, just ask. My son gets at least one a year and is put under for them.

Anonymous said...

The MRI is coming! The MRI is coming! I am so glad to hear it.

Sorry about the blood test.

I dred Donnie losing his first tooth this year. I can't wait to commiserate with you about it.