Saturday, October 21, 2006

To know? Or not to know?

The MRI went well! I was dreading the IV, because they have such a difficult time finding a vein and drawing blood, and the veins in both of her hands were shot from Wednesday. The nurse put the IV in her wrist on the first poke and all in all it was a lot less traumatic than the blood work. They wrapped her good hand so she couldn't tear at her IV, because she HATES having anything stuck to her. She tears off everything, bandaids after shots, stickers, she was even able to take off her hand wraps on Wednesday.

Here she is trying to pull on her IV with her wrapped hand:

Once we went to the MRI prep room, the anesthesiologist gave her the shot of the magical white medicine through the IV- KayTar let out half a yelp and was out like a light. It was so amazing! The whole thing took about 45 minutes and then we were called back to recovery. While she was still under, her heart rate dropped a couple times and her O2 levels dropped as well. Her heart/lung monitor alarms went off three or four times. It was a little scary! But as soon as she woke up everything went back to normal. She jabbered all the way home and has been perfectly fine. All in all, I'd take an MRI over blood work any day.

We don't have any results. Because we had the MRI on a Friday, our doctor won't have the results until Monday, and we will be out of town from Sunday to Saturday. I want to call the doctor on Monday to get the results, but Josh wants to let it be until we get home. He thinks the vacation should actually be a vacation. I don't think he wants to get bad news and have it ruin the week...or get a clear result and be frustrated the rest of the week. On the other hand, I don't know if I can actually make it through the week without knowing, when knowing is only a phone call away. Last night I was so exhausted, I've been living for yesterday for two months now, and having it finished was such a relief...I know we still don't have the results, but having our part finished was such a load off. I haven't felt that tired in felt like I was off duty in a way. It was a good feeling. It is a good feeling. Maybe I'll try and hold on to that feeling and make it through the week. Maybe.


Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

Whatever you decide, my thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

Goodness - I'd find it hard to wait too. I'm thinking of you.

jo(e) said...

I'm glad you made it through the MRI. Waiting for results can be torturous. I know I would not be able to stop myself from calling.

I do hope you are planning to do be really nice to yourself. I can't think of anything more exhausting than worrying about a child.