Monday, December 31, 2012

Big 12 of 2012

1. The kids were in their first musical, Oliver! back in January/February. It was fun for all!

January: Fave Photo

2. KayTar's brain MRI showed an almost complete resolution of the earlier lesions! Of course, now that we know we are dealing with mito, we know there is a likelihood of recurrence, but still, for now...YAY!

February: Fave Photo

3. Josh surprised me with a super fun night away for our anniversary!

March: Fave Photo

4. I was interviewed for the New York Times! KayTar still thinks we should have been on the front page and that now everyone will think mitochondrial disease makes you kiss sock monkeys.

April: Fave Photo

5. Josh graduated from university!

May: Fave Photo

6. KayTar got her first wheelchair and started supplemental oxygen at night. And then started supplemental oxygen during the day (as needed).

June: Fave Photo

7. BubTar started middle school! It has been AMAZING for him! He really fits in this new environment and he is loads happier than he ever was in elementary. He has great friends and really enjoys school and participating in band.

July: Fave Photo

8. Transgenomic agreed to cover the entire cost of a $15K genetic test because KayTar's first sample was destroyed in a lab accident. MIRACLE.

August: Fave Photo

9. We went to Mito Camp! KayTar wasn't feeling her best and she crashed on us in a somewhat frightening manner, but it was probably the most amazing thing we did all year. Each of us had a really wonderful time and are very much looking forward to next year already!

September: Fave Photo

10. KayTar was tentatively diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. The official diagnosis will come after genetic confirmation, but for now we know enough that she is being treated as though she has it. As I wrote on Facebook today, "Every year for the past 6 years, I've made a silent New Year's wish that we would finally figure out what in the world was going on with KayTar that year. 2012 is the year is finally happened! While it is not the simplest sort of answer and it leaves us with many more unanswered questions, we are thankful to have it at last."

October: Fave Photo

11. We went to the North Pole!

November: Fave Photo

12. And qualifying just under the wire, we have last week's perfect storm! We haven't had to go to the ER (for anything other than urgent button swaps) since February 2010, as far as I can tell. So, that alone makes this sort of newsworthy. The other thing is, this is the first time her ketotic hypoglycemia has acted up since the onset of her gastroparesis and motility problems which greatly complicates things. I am hoping this is not the start of a new trend!

December: Fave Photo
There are a few months that I had a VERY difficult time choosing my favorite photo, so enjoy these runners-up, too!

From December
From November
From October
From September
From August
From May
From March
From February
From January

I hope that each and every one of you have a safe and fun New Year's Eve and a monumentally blessed 2013!


jo(e) said...

What great photos. I am wishing you all a peaceful and healthy 2013!

Elizabeth said...

Such a great post! You guys had a busy and fun 2012. I am so glad I met you this year- Happy 2013!

Becca said...

Such awesome pics!! Love your positive attitude and sweet family. Happy New Year!

~aj~ said...

I love this post, Kyla! Beautiful photos of your sweet family. Many memories were certainly made in 2012...hope this new year is a great one for your family.

Laurie said...

Love your pics!! Hope 2013 is all you wish for!!

dlefler said...

What a fantastic year-in-photos. I can't believe it has already been a year since they did the Oliver play! Time flies by so quickly.