Tuesday, January 08, 2013

5 Things...

that are making me crazy!

1. We got a bill for $308 for KayTar's last eye exam. Thankfully, when I called today, it turned out it was a simple error and they did not have her new insurance on file. WHEW.

2. Medicaid or lack thereof. On Christmas Eve, we got notice that KayTar would be receiving Medicaid. YAY! But then we talked to our caseworker and he said that should NOT have happened yet. He was super confused and talk to his supervisor and his supervisor's supervisor and the person who approved us for Medicaid and yesterday I got a letter saying she was denied Medicaid. Boo. We're still in the waiting process for MDCP, so who knows when she will actually have Medicaid.

3. CHIP renewal. Since there is no word on how long it will take to get her on Medicaid, I have to make sure she stays on CHIP and we just got the renewal paperwork for that yesterday, too. JOY. This makes me incredibly nervous every time because if she loses coverage, we would lose access to so many things that are necessary for her life. It makes me sick to even contemplate that reality!

4. Current plan no longer contracted with half her docs and all her therapists. We also got a letter informing us that her current health plan will no longer be contracted with one of her hospital systems (where she sees half her doctors and all of her therapists) as of March. But if we switch plans, the other half of her docs (the more critical doctors, actually) and her hospital will not be in network. When can we get Medicaid and stop playing this game?!

5. My school stuff. My last semester of undergrad starts next week and it seems like more than half my schedule is up in the air. It has been impossible to get an appointment with a counselor, so we are negotiating via email at a snail's pace and last I heard she wanted me to take 2 classes I took a community college (and made A's in). I'm waiting impatiently to hear whether it was an oversight or something more. I also have to decide on whether I am taking Special Projects (also known as a semester of busy work and doing a professor's grunt work) or Field Experience. I'm hoping for Field Experience and waiting to hear the official word on whether a possibility is going to pan out or not. Either way, I have to decide and get the forms turned in by Monday. I can feel the clock ticking! Agh!

On an unrelated side note, I set up a new blog of sorts. It is mostly meant to chronicle KayTar-specific life for the general population. I've never felt comfortable sharing this blog with the wide world of people we know, but I know there are friends and family who might like more detail than our yearly Christmas letter and my Facebook status updates provide, so that is the purpose of this new site. I will still blog here and some of the content will be duplicated, but things like this post will stay here and not there. The bonus is that it is much more photograph friendly. Check it out: life with K.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness- I am sure you are so stressed. These kinds of things make me CRAZY. I will tell you we were approved for Medicaid a lot sooner than we actually did our nursing home stay and were on MDCP-so we had a Medicaid number but weren't allowed to use it until the day after the stay. So maybe this is what is going on here? Praying that all the other insurance stuff works out- and yes, once you are really on Medicaid you won't have to worry about it! Hugs!

Bri said...

I had a dream last night and what I remember of it was meeting a young man and when he looked at me I exclaimed "Bub-Tar!!!!". It was indeed Bub-Tar! That's all I remember! LOL

Laurie said...

Insurance is such an insane battle! Nothing can ever be simple with them. I thank God every day Trace has MDCP. I don't know how we could ever afford Trace's meds/care much less our home without it. Hoping it all comes through quickly!!

dlefler said...

Arggghhhhhh to the Medicaid! I can't imagine how frustrated you must be! I hope they get it sorted out soon and that K gets approved so that you don't have to worry about losing access to her doctors!

I love the new photo blog - that is a really cool site. The photo-friendly nature of it appeals to me!