Sunday, June 10, 2012

First [Real] Haircut!

On Friday, I took BubTar to get his hair cut for summer and while he was getting his done, KayTar had a sudden urge to get her hair cut, too. She wanted it SHORT, too. She had never had a real haircut, only little trims at home, so SHORT made my heart we compromised on keeping it long enough for a ponytail. It was still QUITE a haircut!

It went from this:

To this:


♥ Such a beautiful girl, I have! ♥

I took the one on the right and was reminded of this one from years ago!

I think they both look pretty awesome with their new 'dos!


turtlemama said...

Her hair is gorgeous!! So thick. My girls' hair just will not grow past a certain point, and I've always marveled at your daughter's hair.

Tassiegal said...

Those CURLS! Ask her if she will trade! I would give ANYTHING for those curls.

~aj~ said...

Love, love, love her haircut (and her curls)! And of course BubTar is a handsome devil as always. :)

Shellye said...

I LOVE Kaytar's new do! I'm glad you were able to compromise with her to keep her hair long enough for a ponytail! She's so beautiful!