Saturday, June 16, 2012

Everything is better with KayTar.

As I mentioned in the last post, we captured a louse in a Ziploc bag. Thursday night, after her bath, KayTar checked on him and discovered that our wee prisoner of war had died.
K: Oh, he was so cute! That's sad.  
Me: Uh oh, you aren't getting sentimental about the lice, are you? 
K: My head is probably like a really fun amusement park for them! 
Me: I bet it is a great place to raise a family; free food, lots of forest growth-- 
K: Great schools!! I think because they are drinking my blood, they are getting some of my brains. I bet they are really good at reading. There is probably a little [My] Elementary up there!"
It was SO hilarious. As much as I hate that she has lice, this proves that she can make ANYTHING entertaining! I told my mom the story and she said, "I can just imagine the little lice coming to the front of her hairline when she gets out the Goblet of Fire to read at night so they can read along." which is an image that is equal parts endearing and repulsive! KayTar can find the good in just about anything...even lice!


jo(e) said...

This made me smile.

Tassiegal said...

You may need to buy her this (

Anonymous said...

Both Kay-tar's and your mom's comments cracked me up. It takes a lot of class and humor to rise above such a situation.

I love thinking of the lice reading at Kay-tar's hairline. These are not ordinary lice...they are Kay-tar's lice...

alejna said...

You all have such a great sense of humor. This was too funny!

dlefler said...

If there could possibly be a positive aspect to having lice, KayTar found it! Love that kid!