Wednesday, December 02, 2009


BubTar brought home a girl's phone number on Monday. She is a girl from his reading group (the highest reading group in 2nd grade at his school). He said that when she was picked up from school that day, she flashed him the "Call me!" hand signal. I find this both hilarious and a little frightening.


Here's a little experiment: Fold your hands together, interlocking your fingers. Now look at which thumb is on top. Which is it? If your left thumb is on top, you are expressing the dominant phenotype! If your right thumb is on top, you are expressing the recessive phenotype.

Seems like such an odd thing to be genetically determined!


The wrapped Christmas gifts are killing KayTar this year. She's losing her sweet little mind with curiosity. She has been pleading with me for days, "Can I just open ONE? Can you give me a clue? What letter does it start with? Just tell me ONE letter! Can I just open it a LITTLE and take a peek? Let me open it! OBEY ME!!!!!" It is so hilarious, I'm going to have to try and catch it on video. This is going to be such a fun Christmas for her, she is definitely into it.


Sunday night BubTar approached me and said, "I'm gonna be watching you and dad on Christmas Eve...just so you know." I asked him why and he said, "Well, I think two things...either Santa is real or PARENTS are really the ones who put out the toys, because who stays awake after kids go to sleep? PARENTS." I told him, "We have to sleep, too, you know." He said, "Maybe you put out the presents AFTER we go to sleep and BEFORE you go to sleep. Or maybe Santa does it. I'M WATCHING YOU."


Last night was my last Chemistry lecture of the semester, tonight is my last Biology lecture of the I just have exams this week and finals next week. My Chem final happens to fall on the day of KayTar's day surgery next week (swapping of the g-button). What luck.


Perksofbeingme said...

Interesting about the thumb thing, but you have left for both, so I'm confused. My right thumb is on top, so what does that mean for me?

nylonthread said...

Just googled it: right is recessive!

Chrissy said...

Oh, good so I'm dominant. Everything is changed now, thank you.

We have had more Santa conversations this year than ever- especially since a little girl announced to Grace's entire birthday party that Santa wasn't real! Argh! I mean, I understand some parents don't want their kids to do Santa, and that's fine, but keep it to yourself, kid!

InTheFastLane said...

That call me thing? Scary. Really. They grow up way to fast.

Bea said...

Dominant. That's me.

Becca said...

Good thing Santa is real! ;)

Kristin said...

Wow...never knew that about the thumbs being genetic...even with all the genetics I've taken. Jason is left, I'm right...I was hoping we'd both be rights and then all 3 of our kids would have no choice but to do it that way too and I could be like, "See...just in case you didn't think you were the baby daddy." J/K. :)

And I totally didn't know KayTar was having to have sugery again so soon. But whatever it takes for that miraculous g-button, eh?

KC said...

Calling at 2nd grade? YIKES. Can they even use phones?

Gwen said...

Kyla. You have wrapped Christmas presents already. I think I just fell over. You are a goddess, woman!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you have wrapped Christmas presents in the midst of your busy life? Getouttahere!

Kaytar kills me. That girl is pure comedy genius. If we lived closer I'd ask to borrow her from time to time :-)

Good for you getting through these tests, but lame that you have to be preoccupied at the time of another surgery!

natalie said...

Oh, I so remember that about second grade. The kids exhchanged numbers ALL THE TIME. My rule was NO exchanging numbers. They can't pay the phone bill, they can't share the number. End of story. HILARIOUS.

I'm recessive. But I have no idea what a phenotype is. I'll google it tomorrow.

M is SO eager for Christmas this year. She asks every day, "Is today Christmas? Is it TOMORROW?" When we ask her what she wants this year, she says, "It's a secret." Yeah, here's the worst part. If it's a secret, it won't get here!

That BubTar. He's too much. You'd better make sure you sneak REAL good this year. Maybe put a little benadryl in his drink at dinner on the 24th so he'll really conk out.

Keep us updated on KayTar's surgery. I didn't realize that was coming up!

alejna said...

I love that KayTar says "obey me!" I think I may have to try that line.

~aj~ said...

I didn't know about the g-button switch. Will she be put under for that? Hope it goes really well!

And look at you, almost done for the semester. It'd be fun to go back and read the post(s) when you were a little apprehensive about balancing school and life and now look...YOU DID IT!!!

Can't believe Bub is calling a girl in 2nd grade. He's a stud, alright. ;)

And KayTar's OBEY ME is the funniest thing I've heard in a while! Watch out Future Husband!

Anonymous said...

oohh, I like the trivia. I'm a dominant...but that doesn't surprise you does it? =P

painted maypole said...

hmm... would you rather have Bubtar watching you or Santa watching you? Maybe you should give him reason to sing "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus..."


and apparently I am normal.

Mimi said...

You're so close, Kyla! Almost done school for the term. Hooray!

jeanie said...

I am recessive, whatever that is!

Love the Santa watcher - my daughter has it figured but isn't going to tell me - she knows where the bread is buttered.