Friday, January 30, 2009

[Almost] Weekend Update

1. School Drama.

It totally diffused itself. I spent all weekend and week studying SpEd laws and putting all of my ducks into carefully orchestrated little rows and then yesterday I received a phone call from the special education coordinator who said, "I spoke to my supervisor and if you can just get us a letter from your pediatrician stating that KayTar has an underlying medical reason for the frequent absences, that will take care of things." TA DA! I have a feeling that she brought up homebounding to her supervisor who quickly set her straight, but that is just my inference. Regardless of the reason, I WIN! She keeps her placement and I don't have to send notes for every.single.absence. (She's had two just this week, Monday for the allergic reaction and today for another fever.)

2. Allergic Reaction.

We are now a peanut-free household. Because trace amounts of peanuts from cross-contamination were the only commonality between the two reactions, and because it was the only allergen she showed a response to, that is thought to be the culprit. Me? I'm slightly terrified now, because if that was her reaction to TEENY TRACES from cross-contamination, what in the world will happen if she gets a hold of the real thing? (Don't answer that, I already know.) I'm already tempted to never sleep again after realizing she was reacting all night long and I didn't even think about that being a reason for her restlessness. The pediatrician's statement that "The good news is she didn't anaphylax while you were sleeping." is both comforting and terrifying because, OH MY GOD, what if she anaphylaxes while I'm sleeping?! Such peaceful thoughts to lull me to sleep.

3. Insurance.

As of Saturday, the kids lose their coverage. We've gotten everything worked out, except for the fact that Josh's HR department seems completely unable to do their jobs and although we've been asking for certain paperwork for WEEKS, they still haven't done it. Urgent and time sensitive are foreign concepts to them, evidently, so my kids are going to lose insurance coverage, at least until our appeal can be processed. We filed it today, with absolutely no help from his HR department, so the coverage will lapse during the time it takes them to process the appeal. It is resolvable, thankfully, but it would have been taken care of weeks ago if his employer would have put in one teeny, tiny ounce of assistance. I'm clearly not bitter, but I may have said something to the effect of, "I WILL THROTTLE THEM!" when he told me that although they told him last week they had faxed the proper information, yesterday after he left them several messages, they emailed him and sheepishly said, "Can we get the mailing address, too, so we can send a hard copy WHEN WE FAX IT." making it clear that they actually never faxed the information and just told him that to make him stop asking. But no, I am clearly not bitter about this or the fact that if they just offered comprehensive AFFORDABLE insurance, we wouldn't be jumping through these hoops at all. Not bitter.

4. Sick, sick, sick.

KayTar is sick again. SHOCKER. It looks like another upper respiratory infection, her illness of choice, but I think we're going to go see the pediatrician today to be on the safe side, since as of Saturday she is no longer insured. (NOT BITTER, THOUGH.) Josh is once again relegated to the land of fairies and princesses. It keeps the magic alive only getting to sleep in the same bed every couple of weeks or so. ;) KayTar talked my ear off all night long, as she does when her fever spikes, exclaiming things in her sleep, "Stylish! I'm so stylish!", having conversations with me while she was awake, and dramatically overreacting when I had to use the bathroom, "But WHY, Mom? WHY did you LEAVE ME?!". Thank God for coffee.


karengreeners said...

I'm tired of being a lurker.

You handle these things with grace and humour, much more than most could probably summon.

Hope you and your stylish girl have a calm weekend.

Beth Aguilera said...

Who wouldn't be bitter? It's your kids healthcare after all, and even parents of children without underlying issues worry about them going without insurance.

Best of luck in the days ahead.

Becca said...

I am so frustrated for you!! Hopefully better things, insurance wise, are on the horizon for every one. Hope K is feeling better soon and you get some rest and husband time!!

"I'm so stylish!" cracks me up!

Woman in a Window said...

Coffee AND that poignancy every two weeks!

Jaden Paige said...

AhHHH! I'm glad you got the special Ed thing worked out, but it seems like every time you jump through one hoop, here is another at your door waiting! Sheesh. Here's hoping you get this insurance thing straightened out as quickly as possible.

ewe are here said...

I'm really glad the school situation sorted itself out... and hey, if it happens again you're ready!

The insurance situation, though, really really sucks. I hope an answer appears soon.

InTheFastLane said...

But Why? Oh that poor sweet girl.
Me thinks you need something stronger than coffee.
But, I am glad that the educational part took care of itself

Anonymous said...

She has to be the sweetest thing ever. I am so sorry about the insurance AND the allergic reactions with no warning AND the illnesses ... y'all SO need a break. I wish I could take some of your burden for you.

Gwen said...

I kind of wish you had ended with the special ed thing, just so *I* could feel better.

What? It's not about me?

Damn, Kyla, I'm sorry it's all so tough. Good thing you have such a stylish daughter, though.

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

1. I'm glad that battle is no longer one.
2. I can understand your concern, but am still surprised the incident when she ate PB out of the jar didn't produce a reaction (even w/ Benedryl). We live in the no-peanut world & Jane is really good about telling people she can't eat it. Fortunately, the general public is much better about this (than they were when my husband had all his allergies growing up). It seems worth doing a "peanut challenge" in the allergist's office (once you have insurance again, b/c I've been avoiding this myself for money/insurance issues) just to confirm how serious the allergy is.
3. Bitter is totally understandable!
4. I'm sorry she is sick, again. Just so sorry for her and for you.

Kristin said...

I'm SO glad that school thing blew over, but sad that it caused so much stress while it did.

And stupid HR. How NON-resourceful of them to be so poopy. Hope you get them insured again very soon and that KayTar is healthy already.

~aj~ said...

Despite the seriousness of this post, I actually laughed out loud when I got to the "stylish" commentary. The girl is even funny in her sleep. How does she do it?!

Hope she's feeling much better soon and that the insurance issue gets resolved easily and quickly!

flutter said...

oh you guys just need a vacation from this

painted maypole said...

hooray about school, crappy about sick, and super crappy about insurance and stupid employers.

Anonymous said...

Bitter? Never ;)

Hang in there my dear!

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm bitter FOR you! Ugh.
I'm glad your school issue resolved itself. And all that research you did will come in handy one of these days-most likely. I hope you have a restful weekend with your stylista!

crazymumma said...

at least you know the allergen huh?

Lots of kids come to my home who have peanut allergies....epipen on a shelf ready for me to stab them....and all is fine.

she is going to be fine.

Mimi said...

BOO! I boo all the crappy stuff in your life. BOO!

Anonymous said...

Glad the school thing blew over easily, even if it caused you unecessary worry before it did.

The rest, though - gah. Who wouldn't be bitter and wanting to bang down the door and fax the damn thing themselves? It's your children's insurance you're talking about!

And the reaction - that is so scary. As I mentioned, Pumpkinpie threw up in her sleep last week, and I was totally freakd out, but that is unlikely to happen again. Reacting? Harder to gauge, though your peanut-free stance will certainly help protect her. But I think the comment about "while you slept" is unfair. I mean, we need to sleep sometime.

And finally, the sick. Oh god, we've had th sick all week, and now it's back for the beginning of this next week, too. Yay. Am getting tired of the whining, even if I stifle my cranky because I am sympathetic. It's tough to take - I feel your pain, or at least a tiny bit of it, since this is on week for me, and frequent for you.

Truly, I can't tell you often enough how impressed I am by how you handle all of it. You are quite something, and they - all three of themn - are lucky to have you.

Run ANC said...

Hey - you have every right to be bitter.

I laughed out loud at ``Stylish! I`m so stylish``

JSmith5780 said...

I thought of KTar when I read this