Friday, May 02, 2008

Cover the Uninsured!

Today is the last weekday of the nationwide Cover the Uninsured week. This is so important because 47 million Americans are currently uninsured. Nearly 9 million of those uninsured Americans are children, like mine. More than 8 out of 10 are in working families, just like ours. Because this is such a huge week for drawing attention to this enormous need, I asked my good friend Julie if she would mind using her wonderful contacts and skills to pull together a little blog series on the subject, and she agreed!

Please head over to Moms Speak Up today to read all the great stuff that will be rolling out as the day goes on. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and support as well, even you Canadians. People are always interested to hear about experiences with your health care system, because there are so many incorrect assumptions made about it. My contact from the CDF, Laura Guerra-Cardus, agreed to do an interview for the blog, so make sure to check that out, too. She's amazing and kind and so incredibly knowledgeable about the subject at hand. It will be enlightening, I assure you. This is also her first real experience with blog media, so let's make her feel welcome!

As posts roll out, I'll try and keep this post updated with a list so you can just click on through.

The Posts:

Cover the Uninsured: A National Campaign for Healthy Kids

Interview with Laura Guerra-Cardus If you only have time for one post, read this one!

Making it Personal Our story, which you are all pretty familiar with!

Also, I'd like to point you towards a few of the organizations I had the pleasure of working with this week. Great things are happening and these people are on the front lines of it all.

The Children's Defense Fund

Texas Kids Win

Texans Care for Children

Center for Public Policy Priorities

Pssst...Julie's main post is up on the front page of BlogHer, in the headlines section! Stop by and lend some support!


flutter said...

fabulous work, girls!

Julie Pippert said...

Thank YOU Kyla.

I'm putting up story 3 right now. :)

Christine said...

i echo flutter--fabulous work!

i just love you guys for doing all this. it is

Lawyer Mama said...

Go, you! Y'all are inspiring!

Woman in a Window said...

I'll take a look. And yes, even in Canada things are far from perfect...

amanda said...

Color me IMPRESSED!!!!

Unknown said...

Whoa, this is truly impressive. I had no idea so many were uninsured. Quite a National disaster, really. Thanks for all you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work--and with all you've got going on right now. You're making me feel like a total slacker!

The insurance situation in this country is so completely wrong, wrong, wrong.

Janet said...

I love seeing tenacious in action. Rock on!

kittenpie said...

Going right there.
I so hope that this draws lot os attention and that some good comes of it. There is so much need.

And you're right, I think there are misconceptions about the results of socialized medicine because, really, I have never had an issue or a wait time, but then, I've never been critically ill either, thank god. But nor do I know anyone who has had to wait for important testing and diagnosis, either, including some heart issues with my dad and plenty of kid issues among other people.