Thursday, May 08, 2008


One of my marvelous BlogHer roomies, Assertagirl, tagged me for the 6 Random Things meme, which is perfect timing really, because I'm preoccupied with a whole list of things and this gives me the ideal alternative to writing about all of it!

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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1. When I was very young, my imaginary friend was Humpty Dumpty. He lived in my bathroom with his family; Mother, Father, and Sister Egg. For my fourth birthday, my mom hand sewed me a Humpty Dumpty, and I remember sadly going to the bathroom and telling Humpty that we couldn't be friends anymore because my mother had given me another Humpty Dumpty that I was supposed to play with instead.

2. When I was in first grade I had the following dream and I have never forgotten it. It was Thanksgiving and I had to go in my parents' bedroom to get something. When I came into the room, a man with a gun stood up from where he had been crouching behind the bed and came towards me. I turned to run, but these white hands grew from the door frame and held me fast as the man with he gun got closer and closer, until finally...I woke up. I think it is the only dream I've had that I have remembered long term.

3. I've told this one before, but in case you didn't know, I met Josh online when we were 13. 13! And we got married when I was 17. 17!

4. I was born in Alaska and somewhere on the North Slope there is a beach named after me, "Kyla Beach". My dad had the opportunity to name it and I have photos of the sign and the beach! Of course, no one is sunbathing or swimming on the North Slope, but still. It's random.

5. I love Guitar Hero. LOVE IT. I've beaten Guitar Hero II on medium with 5 stars across the board, and we just got Guitar Hero III a couple weeks ago. Then the XBOX broke and we had to mail it in for repairs. I've got the SHAKES from withdrawal. It is such an excellent stress reducer that I was really missing it while preparing for finals. It is the only video game I play and I totally whip Josh at it.

6. I failed speech my second semester of college, which I find amusing in relation to last week's events. It was the end of the semester, I had just had knee surgery and therefore missed finals. All I had to do was video my last speech and turn it in and I didn't do it. I was 3 weeks away from getting married and healing from surgery and my speech assignment wasn't high on the priority list, unfortunately.

Now for the tagging...

Kristin, my other roomie Mimi, Heather if she can pull herself away from the craziness of her big move, AJ, Dawn, and Flutter.

And a bonus random thing...yesterday in the car, BubTar was playing with my camera and shooting little videos and he happened to catch that rolling thing KayTar's eyes do. The video ends before it resolves itself, but it is the best clip of it we've ever gotten. And it was such a fluke! I'm posting it mostly for record keeping and so I can access it easily (OneTrueMedia always cuts off a couple seconds at the end and it drives me crazy for things like this), but if you have input you'd like to share, I'm all ears!

Friday we are "stimulating the economy" by taking KayTar to the ophthalmologist because of a totally different eye issue, because we can't just have ONE thing, of course. Her left eye was noted to be drifting inward a couple months ago, but it has progressed so that at times she is fully crossing them when trying to focus on objects that are near to her. We are concerned she needs glasses, but I'll also be able to ask about this while we are there, and thanks to BubTar, I'll even have a video to show!


kittenpie said...

My eyes turned in as a child, but it was strabismus - I was born that way, and it came with a lazy eye. So I had drops, patches, exercises, glasses, and ultimately, two suregeries. Now it only shows up when I am tired, but I haven't worn glasses since I was twelve, when they figured I wouldn't get any further benefit from them.

Becca said...

#1 is so funny and sad! The good intentions we have for our kids, huh? I can't believe you ever failed a class EVER! Good luck at the optho.

Amy said...

That dream is scary. I can't believe you have remembered it for so long. I can never remember dreams, even the ones I had the night before.

I always forget you worn born in Alaska. Alot different than down here!

Gretchen said...

Wow, those are good random things!

I want to know the story of you getting married at age 17! Oh my. And you must've been a genius, because you were already in college!

GOOD LUCK w/Finals!

InTheFastLane said...

Humpty Dumpty! Funny! My imaginary friend was a twin sister and we always had to discuss what to wear, because she had to agree with me, since, you know, we had to match and everything :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bubtar! We go to the opthomologist Monday and find out about surgery for one of the same issues. These kiddos are on similar trajectories it seems.

Can't believe you tagged me. What were you thinking?! I'm losing my mind over here!

Mimi said...

Oooh, that *is* a scary dream. I have a couple I remember from that age, and they still make me shudder. One is about my parents' bedroom, too. Weird.

Thinking up random stuff ...

Janet said...

I love your title for this post!

What are the chances of BubTar catching that on video? That is completely random.

Girlplustwo said...

i love that you once loved an egg.

flutter said...

Why don't you love me, guitar hero sister? WHY?!?!

NotSoSage said...

I know nothing about Guitar Hero but I do know that when I saw him in Austin, Billy Bragg said that he could *almost* beat himself on Guitar Hero III. :)

And your mom's misguided gift sounds like something that I would do as a parent and then - once I realised my mistake - feel terrible about.

I loved this post.

motherbumper said...

I love the story about the beach, that's really cool. And I remember a dream from when I was kid that was actually kind of similar - wacky isn't it, I can still picture how it played out.

Beck said...

"Kyla Beach" - lovely.
That Humpty Dumpty story was kind of weirdly hearbreaking. I hope his imaginary feelings weren't hurt.

Christine said...

Six very random things! I have a dream from around the age of six that I remember too, but it involved my attic being a palace and the ability to fly out the window. Yours is much scarier.

Also, while I have no words of advice for the eye thing or ideas, here's hoping the doc will thanks to Bub's excellent capture.

carrie said...

OMG, you and I could have a Guitar Hero party!

~aj~ said...

The fact that there is a Kyla Beach out there is just too, too cool.

And I knew you loved Guitar Hero, but I didn't know you were so awesome at it. I think you'd die laughing if you saw how bad I am!