Saturday, February 09, 2008

Showin Off on Saturday: KayTar's Top 5

This week for Dawn's Showin Off on Saturday, the challenge was "5 songs that...". These are the top 5 songs that KayTar asks for as we drive around town, in no particular order.

Yael Naim, "New Soul" (yes, it is the song from the AirBook commercial).
KayTar calls it "Wawawawawawawawa song". There is little to nothing in this world that is as adorable as KayTar singing along to this song.

Bill Ricchini "A Cold Wind Blows Through Your Door"
KayTar calls this, "Star song", although I don't think it ever mentions stars.

The Bird and The Bee "Again and Again".
KayTar calls this "Again and Again", but when she sings it she says "Chew it again" instead of "Do it again". Also endlessly adorable. And the high pitch voice she uses, amazing.

Feist "1234".
KayTar calls this "12345678910".

Ingrid Michaelson "Keep Breathing" (I've posted this one before)
KayTar calls it "Keep Breevin!" You should hear her sing the intense parts. 100% pure awesome. And then add in the way BubTar moves his head on beat like a conductor's wand and BAM! My favorite part of car rides.


Larissa said...

THANK YOU for this post! Katie and Lana have such similar taste in music! There's only so much Hey There Delilah (or "oooh whatchudoooo meeee") you can take each day. Maybe she calls it "Star Song" because it has twinkle twinkle at the beginning?

Girlplustwo said...

i love the musical education you are giving them and i'll go through each of these later today with M.

Liv said...

that is so cute! my two are stuck on "love song" by sara bareilles. they demand it on the iPod, and used to totally dig Feist before moving on to Modest Mouse.

S said...

That first song? My husband and I are LOVING it. Seriously. We're obsessed.

kittenpie said...

Lately we're all about Puff, the Magic dragon. Really. We have a hilarious vid of an earnest Pumpkinpie standing on a tub and singing it.

Run ANC said...

The Boy really likes the Sandra Boynton CD called Blue Moo.

flutter said...

she has fabulous taste in music!

I love love love The Bird and The Bee.

Beck said...

The Baby has been singing a lot of show tunes lately, because I want to destroy any chances she has of ever being cool, poor girl.
Hey, some of my recent favorites are on this list, too! Odd.

moplans said...

I cannot imagine the cuteness you describe - we need video!
kgirl posted 1234 in the dark crazy days when Julia first came home and ever since I am addicted. As is Julia so I play it if she won't settle down.

dawn224 said...

Hooray! These options are SO much better than endless Barney :)

Julie said...

Cool! Now I know who does that first song, which I really like.

My kids loved listening to "real" music instead of kid music (I think in large part because I played real music for them all the time, and kid music mostly under protest.). My kids - now pretty much teenagers -- listen to an amazing range of music.

PJ said...

What a terrific taste in music!!!

Julie Pippert said...

I know what soundtrack you are listening to in your car, LOL.

We have the same ones!

The kids are not big fans, other than Keep Breathing. They are stuck on Jack Johnson just now. A-OK.

Janet said...

She has nice taste in music.

I kind of love it when my kids sing in the car, so sincere in their extreme off-tuneness. Hey! I think I just made up a word.

ms blue said...

These are all beautiful songs. Your children are way too cool!