Monday, December 03, 2007

Hey betch!

What's up? Today is SO annoying. I really should be doing homework instead of writing you, but whatev. In first period Mr. B was playing Christmas music in a loop. I swear, if I have to hear this song one more time, I'm going to go postal. It has been stuck in my head ALL DAY. Plus, I had to miss LUNCH to go to the doctor. Come on, LUNCH? That is the best time of the day! Couldn't I have skipped Home Ec or Child Development instead? Dude. It sucked. Then the wait was super long. I didn't even get to pick up lunch afterwards. What a bummer. That is the only decent reason to miss lunch, getting to eat something besides the same crap you eat every. single. day. Anyhoo, what's up with you? What did you do this weekend? Josh and I hung out, like always. I won't tell you what we did on Saturday, 'cause ladies don't talk or some crap like that. :P Other than that, we just chilled. When you've been dating the same guy for 120 months, things are pretty relaxed. Oh, my sister had her lingerie shower this weekend. Oh man, yummy food, cake, and champagne with grenadine. YUM. It rocked my face off. Then I got lost on the way home. I went the WRONG DIRECTION on the freeway for 15 minutes, which added 30 minutes onto the drive, so it took a freaking HOUR to get home. At least I didn't have to stop to use the bathroom at a skeezy motel like I did a few weeks ago. I told you about that, didn't I? Maybe not. Here's the story just in case. I was headed to the hospital and I had had WAY too much coffee because I had to be up at the butt crack of dawn. Traffic was nutso and was taking double the usual amount of time. I waited until the very LAST minute before pulling off and stopping at the nearest place. Dude. The place had BULLET PROOF GLASS in the lobby between me and the worker. Yeah, coooool feeling. "Can I use your restroom?" The guy looked around and said, "Uhh, see that open room? You can use the bathroom in there." so I did. I was careful not to touch anything (there was a blacklight on the wall, but I would have been terrified to turn it on, if you know what I mean) and used the potty SUPER FAST and bolted. True story. Anyway, computer class is almost over, and I have Child Development next, so I better let you go before the bell rings. Ms. K is SO cranky when I'm late.



This post was part of Painted Maypole's Mission Monday to write a post in the style of a high school note. Check out all the other fun entries!

And for authenticity purposes, an actual note from Josh a long, long time ago.


painted maypole said...

oh, a note in the round. so sweet.

and i loved the "child development" heh heh. too funny.

thanks for playing along.

consider your yearbook signed. BFF. Call me.

Janet said...

OMG! We totally have to party this summer! Call me.

Or at least that's what everyone wrote in my yearbook in high school. I don't think I ever called so, you know, we never partied. Let's not let that happen to us, Kyla! :-)

(Do I sound like a stalker? I do, don't I? Sorry.)

Cristina said...

Can I just say that that love note is awesome - the way it spirals - and I am resisting the urge to click on it and read all of his sweet words, but I won't. :)

flutter said...



you are too funny

Aliki2006 said...

Wow--that love note like totally blows all other love notes out of the water...

~aj~ said...

Very funny! Did you know my mom is a Home Ec / Child Development teacher? I won't tell her that her classes suck compared to lunch. :)

Maddy said...

Music in a loop [any music in a loop drives me nutty] I did that same thing the writing in a circle with my daughter's class, great fun.
Best wishes
Something peculiar has happened to blogger comments so just for now, this is my calling card "Whittereronautism"so we can find each other.

Kristin said...

Oh I LOVED Josh's note. Too cute!

What a fun little "challenge" rocked it, of course.

moplans said...

oh I love that real live note.

missing lunch stinks. I had fun eating bad things last week using the hospital excuse.

Family Adventure said... class and child development. And little Ms. K.


Run ANC said...

Those are great notes. Josh's makes me dizzy.

Beck said...

Now I feel ripped off that my husband and I didn't date while we were in school together, thus depriving me of my rightful notes.

Anonymous said...

This was hilarious betch! The love note rockedy *my* face off.

Julie Pippert said...


Josh's cute and sweet is that and you still have it!!

Your note nailed the tone so well and a real day with it.

The motel potty story! ACK LOL!

And seriously, does it ever take less than an hour to go ANYWHERE in this town?

Not to mention I am perpetually lost.


Using My Words

Amy said...

That was great!!

And what part of town where you in...YIKES!

Junie's Blog said...

cool note! At first I was all, "What??"" then I totally dug it dude! lol

Sweet love note!

Mad said...

"when you've been dating the same guy for 120 months"

That line alone is classic.