Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Leftovers, KayTar Business.

KayTar's well-check was way back on the 13th and it went well! Her gross motor strength is up from last year, but she has dropped percentiles in weight. Her height is 47.75 inches (45%), her weight is 47.5 pounds (30%), and her BMI is 14.75 (20%). The pediatrician said that if she hits the 15% for BMI, we'll have to start maximizing calories, but for now she is fine. Her BP was 90/60. No concerns or abnormalities that aren't already accounted for!

GI Check-up:
KayTar's GI check-up was on the 19th. It was such a nice change to get to discuss how well she is doing since the formula change...before we were discussing disease progression and how much she was struggling! She said we probably will never know why she stopped tolerating Pediasure or why the Elecare Jr. is working so well for her...but we'll take it! We need to recheck KayTar's LFTs because they were slightly elevated in 3 sets of labs in a row, but got put on the back-burner while her GI tract was having so much trouble. After she sees Genetics next week, we'll have the labs drawn to minimize pokes!

ARD Meeting:
KayTar's ARD meeting went well, as always. Sometimes I feel like the only parent who doesn't dread these and somewhat enjoys them! Someone always has a fun KayTar story to tell and there is always a lot of discussion of how SMART and FUNNY she is...and what parent doesn't like to hear that? Mostly things will be staying the same for her, her will still be mainstreamed and she still qualifies for services under her OHI, AI, and SI labels. She will still get speech therapy for articulation for the same number of hours. She will still get health services from the nurse. She will still get preferential seating due to her left-sided hearing loss. The main changes come in the form of modifications. KayTar has struggled a bit this year, mostly in math, due to her ocular muscle weakness, fatigue, and fine motor weakness. She knows her math facts (which her teacher confirms), but has failed timed tests on more than one occasion. Also, even though her writing process is great she often does not get full credit on writing assignments because of her fine motor issues. Next year, she will get shortened assignments, she will be instructed to use a half-sheet to cover excess information, she will only be graded on completed work during timed assignments, she will not be graded on mechanics of writing just the content, she might use a word processor if needed, and she will get a written copy of what is on the board for her to reference more easily. I *think* that is most of the modifications that are new for next year.


dlefler said...

Nolan has elevated LFT's, too - just his AST and ALP, though. Go figure... we just add it to the "random" pile of medical information about him.

It sounds like her ARD meeting went well! The accommodations for math seem like a good idea - that way she can focus on what she knows, rather than how she writes the answers or how many problems she gets done in a certain time period.

I hope the GI issues get sorted out soon - it can be a nightmare when their little tummies go on strike (right now, Nolan's system is off - but in a constant diarrhea sort of way).

Here's to a great summer break!!! I can't believe it is almost MAY!

~aj~ said...

I'm still so, so happy that you've found Elecare Jr does just the trick for her. Sounds like great check-ups!