Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beads of Courage!

So proud!

So many beads!

She had quite a few leftovers after making 1 necklace!

Bead Meanings:
BLUE: Clinic Visit (I only tallied her specialist visits that I had note of.)
MAGENTA: Emergency (ER trips)
YELLOW: Sleepover at Hospital (per day)
BLACK: IV/labs/pokes
DARK GREEN: NPO (inpatient fast)
GLASS STAR: Surgery (they were out, so she'll get these soon)
AQUA: Tube Placement

She really enjoyed making the necklace together and finding out all the bead meanings. BubTar even helped us by looking the different colors up on the tally sheet as we made it. She is super proud of her necklace and beads! :)


alejna said...

I'm so glad she got those! I think it is really a fantastic idea to make something tangible and positive to show for so many of the trials that kids with complex health issues have to go through. My nephew has his beads, and I was very moved to look at them with him.

I should really donate to that organization.

Magpie said...

That is one cool project.

dlefler said...

That is such a great program. I've thought of looking into it for Nolan - he doesn't have any comprehensive diagnosis, but he certainly has an impressive tally of "issues" and procedures. It would be a great way for him to relate the story of what he's gone through.

Also? KayTar is adorable!

~aj~ said...

Very pretty and definitely one of a kind!

Shellye said...

That's awesome! What a cool way to celebrate all of the things she has overcome!