Saturday, March 10, 2012

KayTar's Field Trip

KayTar's class went on a field trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on March 9th. Because it was a Friday, I was able to go along as a chaperone! Because of KayTar's medical needs, I'm pretty certain that either me or the nurse would have had to be there, so she could get her meds and tube feeds...and someone could push her in her stroller! I had to field about 50 "Why is KayTar in a stroller?" questions from her curious classmates. Sometimes my answers were not satisfactory (like, "KayTar can get sick from too much walking."), so they would then ask KayTar. It was a little humorous. Finally, I took to using a robot metaphor...KayTar is like a robot and when she gets up to participate, it runs down her batteries, so she gets back into the stroller to recharge while we walk. They understood that! Anyway, we have GOT to get her a medical stroller or chair soon. Her poor little Strollee is not cutting it anymore. She is under the weight limit still, but it just isn't meant for a child her size (especially height-wise) and it can be very difficult to maneuver, especially when trying to keep up with the boys who were in our group. It was a fun field trip, though, and KayTar really enjoyed herself and didn't mind being the only kid in a chair OR all of the questions from her schoolmates! We got to see baby animals, watch a cow get milked, see pig races, and pretend to work on a farm and sell our products at market!

This is how R stayed with the group when K was out of her chair.

Bunny ears gone wrong. LOL!


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Shellye said...

Looks like KayTar had alot of fun! I'm sure you did too!

I think it's great that she doesn't mind answering all of her classmates questions. Some parents would get so offended about that, but you and KayTar both handle it so well. And it's natural for children to be curious. Sounds like she has a great group of classmates who care about her!