Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet the Chicks!

My husband is a country boy at heart. We live in the suburbs, but he likes to hunt and fish and he started a backyard garden last spring. This spring he wanted to add chickens to his little backyard farm, which I wasn't 100% on board with when he brought it up LAST spring...but since he was still talking about it a year later, we decided to go for it. And seriously? Who can resist baby animals? I cannot. Over Spring Break last week, the kids each picked out a chick at the feed store and got to name it. KayTar's is Nancy Chicks (a nod to Oliver! and her nickname for her school nurse) and BubTar's is Wiggins. Then on Friday, Josh came home with a third which we haven't named yet! 

They are so cute and EASY to care for. They currently live in a big Rubbermaid container with bedding, food, water, and a heat lamp. Josh is building them a coop for when they get old enough to live outside. KayTar loves them to pieces and spends a huge portion of her free time with them. I'm pretty sure they've imprinted on her and think she is the mother hen! So the current tally of animals at the 'Tar household is 1 snake, 3 chickens, 2 dogs, and a cat that comes and goes of her own volition (she's not around so much since we added Dobby to the mix, but she comes by to visit). I think we'll be able to do petting zoo parties soon and not hire anyone! In five months, we're going to have more fresh eggs than we know what to do with...might have to start inviting people over for omelet parties on Saturday mornings! ;)

Nancy Chicks


Yet to be named...


Cate said...

oh my gosh those chicks are adorable!

dlefler said...

I seriously want some chickens! Maybe I can convince our neighbors to go in halvsies with us! I really want some Americauna chicks (the Easter Egg chickens) - just because I think green and pink eggs would be so cool!

I love it - post pictures of the coop and the first eggs when they arrive!!!!

Julie said...

So adorable! What will you do with them in the winter. Can they live outside all year round?

Shellye said...

The chicks and BubTar and KayTar are gorgeous! Love the pictures!

My husband and I had two chicks. When he was a baby, his grandmother made him a chickie, which he slept with until he was about four. And so our third Easter together, I got him a chick. We're walking away with the box and he stops. I ask what was wrong, and he said, and I quote, "It needs a friend!" (He would die if he knew I was posting one of his cute moments on here!) So we go back and get another chick and leave. They were great, until they got their feathers, and I found out I was allergic to birds, so we had to put them outside. We lived in the country at the time, so it work out for a while. My cat, who I let out on occasion when we lived there, and the little rooster would play, chasing each other in the yard, while I tended my garden, and the hen would nestle down in the grass and watch them play. Then, the neighbors in their homemade triple wide stole them from us. *sighs*

Now we live in the city and chickens are not allowed.

~aj~ said...

I still can't help but smile over this whole chick business. ;)

What did you end up deciding for the 3rd one's name?