Wednesday, January 04, 2012

GI Check-Up.

Yesterday was the last day of break and we spent a good chunk of it on KayTar's GI appointment. It was a good appointment overall. KayTar's gut has been behaving itself pretty well lately (knock on wood), so we mainly reviewed what the problems had been and what the next steps are if the pain returns. KayTar was bouncy, bubbly, and chatty, and the doctor said, "Well, she certainly doesn't LOOK like a kid with severe dysmotility today!"

She wrote me a new prescription in case the pharmacy still can't get things worked out...don't know if I've written about it here, but the previous two refills have been a disaster. We haven't been able to get it refilled on time, even though there are only enough doses for 10 days in the bottles, somehow the insurance thinks we are getting more than that or something, and the breaks in medication has caused the rest of her GI tract to get out of whack. So she is back in Underjams. Ugh. I have to get a refill tomorrow, so hopefully it will go through without issue.

She is also transferring KayTar's care out to one of the satellite clinics because of the issues we have had getting our calls returned when KayTar is having problems. At the satellite clinic, the doctor only has one nurse, so the person we talk to should have some familiarity with the case and be able to get back to us...unlike in the hospital clinic where messages get passed on to a pool of different nurses. Hopefully that will help with the frustrations we have been having with the clinic. It is also a closer location for us, so that is an added bonus. She also said that if the pain returns, we can increase KayTar's Augmentin dose quite a bit still, so that is reassuring.

Today is a big day; first day back to school for the kids, a dental appointment for BubTar right after school, and drama rehearsal from 5-7 for both of them. I hope KayTar can hang in there for all of it!

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dlefler said...

Good luck with BubTar's dentist appointment! The GI trip sounds long, but at least she sounds like she's doing well (for the moment). Nolan has periods of random diarrhea, and it always seems to coincide with a reflux flare - these GI tracts can be obnoxious!

Here's to a great end of Christmas break and back to the old routine!