Monday, January 09, 2012


On Friday, I had lunch with KayTar at school (and sat with BubTar for a few minutes, too, but he is too cool for me to hang out with him for the entire lunch period). Shortly after lunch, it was time for me to take KayTar to OT, so I swung by her classroom to get her. Before leaving, I asked if she needed to potty, which she did, so I stood outside of the bathroom while she went. It was taking a while, though, I poked my head in to see what the hold up was. There were 2 open stalls and she was just standing there, so I looked at her quizzically and said "What's up?" She whispered, "In a public bathroom, the first stall is always the cleanest. I read that. So I'm just gonna wait." It totally cracked me up! She is SIX! I'd say, "Where does she get this stuff?" but the answer is BOOKS evidently. ;)

When we got to OT, there was a grandma and baby in the waiting area and I saw KayTar's eyes lock on that baby, so I tried to redirect her, because once she locks on, it is pretty impossible to intervene. I said, "KayTar, leave the baby alone...why don't you come play with me?" But the grandma said, "Oh, she is fine! The baby loves to be played with." Once someone says that, I have no more cards to play. There is no way for me to explain that the person she is talking incessantly to kind of needs a break, because they JUST SAID, that it is fine for her to talk to them/play with them/whatever. If I think otherwise, clearly I am the misinformed one. ;) I don't mind if KayTar makes new friends when we are out and about, it clearly pleases her so much to do so, but I think sometimes people don't quite know what they've gotten themselves into. The girl can TALK. I find it adorable and hilarious, but strangers are not always prepared for the full weight of KayTar's attention and conversational skills. Anyway, so after the baby was called back, I thought KayTar would lose interest and come sit with me, but she didn't. The grandma said, "Oh, she is fine! I never have little girls to talk to!" So she and KayTar chatted about ALL kinds of things. From KayTar's deceased great-grandparents to television before somehow landing on the fact that the grandma was unmarried. KayTar then says, "Oh! You should find a husband!" The grandma said, "Well, it is hard to find a nice, good-looking, single man. There are none at my church." KayTar looked around the waiting area and spotted a young guy (probably a pharma rep) and loudly said, "There is one RIGHT THERE!" Oh my gosh, it was SO funny. She was on a roll Friday and there were another dozen or so little things that had me chuckling all day long. That kid is made of joy. 


We had a great day on Saturday! Josh, KayTar, and I went to see the Muppets (the second viewing for K and I) while BubTar went to his cousin's basketball game with my mom. After that, KayTar and I went ice skating with a group of lovely folks at the park downtown. It was me and KayTar, R (my sister-in-law/best friend), J and L (Josh and I's best friends from high school and junior high, respectively), Nurse C (KayTar's school nurse, we seriously love her), M (one of KayTar's nurses from ER who has become a friend) and her husband D. Oh, and KayTar's school nurse has known M since M was a little girl herself! Interesting group, right? We invited a few other folks, too, but it was a big football night in town and most of them were busy watching that. It was a very fun night. KayTar especially loved it, because she got to pick whoever she wanted to skate with and she REALLY loves all of these wonderful people. I'm always so thankful for the people we've gotten to know through KayTar's circumstances, because we've had the blessing of getting to know some really amazing people on a personal level, that we wouldn't have encountered otherwise. Sometimes I joke that KayTar collects grown-ups, but it is kind of true. Most of her favorite people ARE adults and they take quite a shine to her, too. I'm not only thankful for the impact they have on KayTar's life, but on mine as well! Teachers, therapists, doctors,  and nurses have become friends over the years and some are more like family now. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such great people and I honestly can't imagine life without them!

Me, KayTar, Nurse C, and R.


All Thing Viral said...

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dlefler said...

KayTar just cracks me up- the bathroom thing is HILARIOUS. Also? The granny should have taken her up on finding a man. The pharmaceutical rep sounds like a good deal, lol!

~aj~ said...

Just imagine how boring life would be without KayTar! The fact that she was playing matchmaker in the doctor's office is just the BEST!

Shellye said...

Sounds like you had a truly wonderful weekend!

I also LOVED that KayTar was playing match maker in the waiting room! *LOL* Laughed until I cried!!!!