Friday, November 04, 2011

Third Tube-iversary!

Today is KayTar's 3rd tube-iversary! She has now had a g-button for just as long as she ever lived without one. It is hard really remember what life was like pre-tube, but I do remember it was A LOT more stressful for all of us.

In the hospital, after placement...

Last night when I was tucking her in, I told her, "Tomorrow you'll have had a g-button for THREE YEARS! Half of your life!" And she looked very concerned and said, "Oh? Will that thing happen to it?" I said, "What thing?" She said, "Like with the milk, when you have to throw it away?" Then I realized what she meant, "You mean, is it going to expire?" She nodded seriously and I assured her that wasn't the case, "YAY!" she said in reply. She loves her tube, it has made her life so much easier, healthier, and more pleasant. We were SO worried about it before we she had it placed, but it has TRULY been the best decision we have ever made for her. This morning she walked out to the car singing her little tubey "Happy Birthday!" :)

Here is a video from right after she had it placed, explaining it...such an adorable, wee little thing she was!


leah said...

Oh my goodness, she is so adorable in that video! I can understand how the tube made everything easier - when Nolan was FTT and we couldn't get him to eat, life was a nightmare. We were very fortunate that we were able to get him back on the charts, but even now we struggle occasionally with getting food into him and keeping it there. I'm so glad that it is there to help KayTar grow!!!

Happy Tubiversary!

Shellye said...

Love the pics and the video.

I'm glad that her g button makes things so much easier.

Happy Tubiversary!

~aj~ said...

How in the world has it already been 3 years since she got her tum-tum tube?! So thankful for the health and happiness it has helped bring your sweet girl!