Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Honor Roll Kids!

The first grading period for the kids ended a couple of weeks ago and both of my little smarties made Honor Roll! BubTar has always been on Honor Roll, so that was not a surprise, but since KayTar has never made real numerical grades before this year, it was her first time!

BubTar was especially excited to see her first report card and had it out of her folder and was reading it aloud before we even left the school parking lot. He announced, "KayTar made the Honor Roll!" and I said, "Well, what about Math?" because of all of her subjects, she has the hardest time with that one because unlike reading and other verbal skills, she doesn't just KNOW the answer is tough to transition from automatically knowing-it-all to having to do actual figuring in your brain! But BubTar said, "She made a 90 in Math...almost a B!" He said it with just a hint of condescension in his voice, too. So it was QUITE funny to pull out his report card at home and discover they had identical grades in Math, 90, an almost B as BubTar called it. In fact, they had identical grades across the board (in the subject KayTar gets grades in), except for Spelling, where she beat him by 2 points. They were both pretty entertained by their matching grades! Which, for the record, were as follows:

Language Arts: 98
Reading: 99
Writing: 96
Math: 90
Social Studies: 98 for B/S for K
Science: 96 for B/S for K
Spelling: 97 for B/99 for K
Conduct: A

KayTar's report card said, "KayTar is such a smart and talented girl. She is a joy to have in class. Keep up the good work, KayTar!"

BubTar's said, "BubTar is a pleasure to have in my class this year. Honor Roll!"

KayTar missed 6 out of 36 days this 9 weeks, and BubTar missed 0.

And the best part was the KayTar FINALLY got a certificate during Pod Awards. Every 9 weeks for the past two years, she has cried on Awards Day, because prior to numerical grades the only certificate the kids could earn was Perfect Attendance...and that is an unattainable goal for our sweet girl. When she got her award, she said, “Oh my gosh!  I’ve never received a certificate before!” 


Speaking of school, KayTar had a homework assignment in which she had draw and label different kinds of nouns, ie. person, place, thing. This is the picture she drew for her things (glasses, blankey, vanity, and pump):

My favorite part is her, pushing her little IV/pump pole.


InTheFastLane said...

Love that K has her pole as a part of the pic.

What smartie pants you have!!

S said...

Congrats to both of your wonderful kids!

Anonymous said...

good job!

leah said...

Congratulations on the honor roll x 2! You must be a very proud mama!

I have mixed feelings on the perfect attendance awards - it seems to be a reward for luck, since it is the rare child who simply never happens to be ill during the school year! I'm glad KayTar has the opportunity to earn academic awards now!

Shellye said...

That's awesome news! Congratulations, Future Honor Society Students!