Friday, October 14, 2011

I think this is what they refer to as "avoidance".

I could tell you about how KayTar's tummy still isn't doing well, or about how she has had abdominal pains several days in a row, or about how she vomited last night and again this morning and is home with me now so we can try to get her to tolerate clears and then maybe some formula, or about how I snuck into her room last night to pray over her because I'm not just worried about the tummy woes but about what all this might indicate for the future, or about how BubTar asked me this morning if there are other kids who have problems like KayTar and why the doctors can't figure out how to help her better...but instead, I'm just going to post some cute photos. I think that would be more fun for everyone involved. ;)

Afternoon update: KayTar's morning urine was cloudy, so we ran to Walgreen's for some test strips. I tested her urine and it was VERY positive for leukocytes. We went to see the pediatrician and verified that she has a UTI...her very first (that we know of). If I hadn't seen her morning urine (if she had flushed like she should have, LOL), I never would have guessed. She didn't have any typical symptoms, but I hope that once this is cleared up, maybe some of her recent issues will resolve, too. Fingers crossed! I'm actually a little relieved to discover she has *just* an infection! Here's to another round of Suprax.


leah said...

Boo to the tummy issues, but YAY for gorgeous photos! I really like that last one - very cute of her!

I hope her stomach settles down soon. It is so hard when you just don't have any answers.

The M's said...

Hugs!!! Sigh in the tummy stuff....LOVE the pics!! Beautiful little character you have there!!

perrie said...

Lovely pics--you take such wonderful ones, and have such engagin subjects, too!

I'm sorry about the stomach problems...I know about the avoidance thing--I do it often.

Aliki2006 said...

Sorry! "Perrie" is me, Alissa!

Becca said...

Love the first one! She's gorgeous. I'm so sorry about the tummy problems. Praying for something minor and easily fixed.

gg said...

Hope the tummy pain disappears as the infection clears up.
She's a beautiful girl.

~aj~ said...

Oh dearie, you totally got my heartstrings with this one. Just the mental image of you sneaking into her room to pray over her. I love that.

She is one fantastic and fiesty girl. Hope she is feeling much better soon!

InTheFastLane said...

Hopefully that helps.
I can totally understand the avoidance...and the worry.

Love the pictures. What a spunky one.

Heidi said...

First off, LOVE these pics, she is so cute :)

(((hugs))) Poor kiddo, as you know, Jack suffers from the constant tummy pain too. Sounds like Us with the Miralax! I continue with the cap and a half everyday, even if Jack has all liquid and going many times a day. Ive learned over the years, NEVER to back off on the Miralax regardless whats coming out. If I do, we're headed for trouble. Jack wont go at all on his own without the Miralax. Weve ended up in the ER, vomiting bile, not good. Plus, Ill do anything to having him go thru a clean out.

As far as the tummy pain for Jack, we are thinking now its all the trapped air thats showing up on his KUB's. Has K had one lately, does it show any air? or gas?

Im praying you can increase her feeds again slowly. Jack is getting 200 mls (or about 7 ozs) during the day for his school feeds, but many days he asks the nurse to stop because he doesnt feel well or feels too full. He gets 600 mls (or about 20 ozs) continuous overnight. But again, it can vary from day to day what his tummy will tolerate. Definitely if he vomits, it was clearly too much!

I can relate what youre saying about the future, its hard not to look at things today and wonder where we'll be in X many years. Its difficult to think about, so I try very hard not to go just makes me too sad.

Prayers for K, Im glad she has her good days too, she looks like a real character :) hugs and always prayers for your family.

(btw, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving so many thoughtful comments. Im feeling guilty that I havent had the time to visit more of our little friends blogs lately, but Im trying to get caught up!)

jo(e) said...

Love, love, love this series of photos!

Shellye H, Townsend said...

I can't sign in to my blogger for some reason...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

How is KayTar doing now?

Praying for her!

Shellye H, Townsend said...

It's Shellye again. I have no internet, so what I get is through my phone and my blogger signed me out somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, I can't go to sites that start with https, and even though blogger doesn't begin with that, the sign in page is an https, so I can't sign in unless I go somewhere with wireless internet. Meanwhile, my last blog post was done from my phone. (Sorry for the long explanation.)

Bless KayTar's heart! I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

I think it is good to pray over her. I pray for her every night and when she pops into my mind, which is often, mostly because she's so funny!

Avoidance is never good, but I resort to it a bit myself, so I can't blame you. I don't think of KayTar in terms of progressive, and I'm praying that this is not the case with her. KayTar's current issues with her health could simply be her having a few bad days. As her doctors say, this could be just "a KayTar thing." I've read your blog from top to bottom, and she's had setbacks before, and you've always gotten through them. I know it's difficult, but try to look at this as a temporary setback, not disease progression.

I will continue praying for her. I hope you all have a good week and that KayTar is on the mend very soon.

Shellye H, Townsend said...

By the way, the pics are gorgeous! KayTar is the business!