Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good and Bad


We started KayTar on Augmentin for motility on Tuesday and since then, she hasn't complained of abdominal pain and she is back on 6 ounce bolus feeds. Yay! We are going to stay at 6 ounces for now and try to add in some meat (her favorite thing!) and see if she stays pain-free before trying to increase to 8 ounces.


Yesterday, KayTar was complaining of being "spinny" at school. It was a persistent complaint and she didn't look quite right to the nurse at times, so she called me and I came up to observe her for a bit. She seemed okay for the most part, but once while we were talking she kind of crumpled in my lap and she grabbed her head and said, "Oh, it is worse!" Since spinny is a buzz-word for episodes, I erred on the side of caution, brought her home, medicated her, and tucked her in. She slept for a while and woke up feeling better.

This morning as I was leaving the kids' school, she was in the clinic again, complaining of being spinny. She tried to talk me into taking her home, but she seemed okay. I don't want to react prematurely and teach her that saying she is spinny will get her a ticket home. So I told her to put her head down at her desk if she feels spinny, or sit down if she is standing, and then check in with the nurse when it is her regular time to see her. Even though she seemed okay, I'm a little nervous about how the day will go. I'm about to head out to my history class...exam hopefully everything will be smooth and we will both get through our respective school days.

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flutter said...

crossing my fingers for her

Becca said...

Hoping you can get to the bottom of this quickly so you both can go back to being your amazingly talented selves at school!

Shellye said...

I'm so glad to hear that KayTar's feeds are back to 6 ounces. I had a feeling it was a short setback. I will continue to pray that she can return to meat and to 8 ounce feeds.

She could be "spinny" from the medicine she's taking. Some of those meds can cause headaches and dizziness. Maybe check with her doctor if she continues to complain about it.

Hope you're doing well today!

leah said...

Ugh - I hope she doesn't get too "spinny" at school. And I hope the motility meds aren't causing her to get dizzy, since they seem to be helping with her feeds!

InTheFastLane said...

How did it go?
I am hoping she made it through and is getting back on track?

~aj~ said...

That is great that she was tolerating her feed better, but BOO on the spinniness! With most kids, I could see how they might use that as an excuse to come home, but KayTar is SO in her element when she's at school. I hope she was better over the weekend!