Monday, April 25, 2011

A Mansion Mystery!

 For BubTar's birthday celebration, we decided to do a kids' murder mystery, because he's really into Sherlock Holmes and pretend play right now. We used this kit from Dramatic Fanatic. I've been a part of a murder mystery before, but this was the first time for us to ever attempt hosting something like this, so I had no idea how it would go, especially with 6-9 year old kids! I was pleasantly surprised! The kit itself was really well-though out and organized, that made it easy to handle. The only thing I would have changed was the square footage in my house, because we had QUITE the turnout and it was packed in our living room. Our poor little AC was having trouble combating all that body heat! I was glad so many people came to celebrate our boy, though. He's a very sensitive guy and at times he gets to feeling like he doesn't have any friends...well, they sure proved him wrong! All of the kids did really great with their parts, though not everyone dressed up (it was optional), and seemed to have a great time! BubTar said that his school friends were still talking about it today! He also made out like a bandit as far as gifts are $90, plus quite an array of toys, books, games, and clothes! I'm a little jealous. ;)

KayTar, as Zee French Chef.

 BubTar as Marvin the Millionaire and his cousin as Detective Achoo.

Marvin delivering a speech.

 BubTar now as Michael, Marvin's twin...mourning after Marvin's untimely demise.

 Michael in the hot seat.

More questioning of Michael.

Zee French Chef being interrogated by the Reporter and the Detective.

BubTar's cousin as the Reporter.

I have a ton of photos, but without parental permission, I don't want to post the photos of the other kids here. It really was a neat party. KayTar was definitely the best actress, she was in character and ON all the time, but BubTar really came out of his shell, so that was fun to see. He said he liked the party better than the presents! The ONLY person to guess the right perpetrator was KayTar's 6 year old best friend! She doesn't read well enough to have her own part, but she must have been paying CLOSE attention to the details...maybe a future detective in the making! If you are looking for a birthday idea that won't break the bank and is a change from the typical Chuck E. Cheese kind of party, check these out! KayTar is already planning on one for her 7th birthday next year...I think it is going to take me that long to recuperate from this one! ;)


Gizabeth Shyder said...

How clever! That looks fabulous.

Cate said...

Oh that is so fun! What a great idea!
My friends and I actually did a murder mystery dinner party a few months ago, and it was a blast!

alejna said...

So cool! It looks like it was heaps of fun.

painted maypole said...

oh, this sounds AWESOME! might do as a birthday party, or maybe as a fun event with kids at church? Hmm....

~aj~ said...

This has to be the most creative birthday party I've ever heard of. The kids are so cute in their costumes (especially that little French chef). Love it!