Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Schedule.

I spent yesterday working on our fall calendar. Oh my!

Josh will have to take the kids to school, so I can get downtown in time for my class.
8:30-9:45 Organic Chem
10-12:45 Orgo Lab
2:45 pick up kids from school
Cub Scouts in the evening

10-11:15 US History
11:30-12:45 Music Appreciation
1:45 KayTar currently has OT, but we're hoping to move this.
2:45 pick up the kids from school

Josh will have to take the kids to school, so I can get downtown in time for my class.
8:30-9:45 Organic Chem
10-12:45 Orgo Lab
2:45 pick up kids from school
Volunteer in the EC in the evening

10-11:15 US History
11:30-12:45 Music Appreciation
2:45 pick up the kids from school
Baseball practice for BubTar in the evening

I'm hoping to do some physician shadowing on my Friday mornings
Work on my Bio Psych class
KayTar has PT in the afternoon
2:45 pick up the kids from school

Baseball games for BubTar
Dance class for KayTar

Finishing last minute assignments
Catching up at home

There are also several camping trips for scouts sprinkled in, several enrichment classes for BubTar, specialist visits for KayTar, and all the other little events that crop up as time passes, birthday parties, playdates, pediatrician appointments, all of that good stuff. I'm going to volunteer in the library at the kids' school on T/Th mornings and I'm also going to try to volunteer in the peds department at our local free clinic for an hour a day M and W, if possible.

It is definitely feasible, but my biggest concern is KayTar. She's going to thrive in Kindergarten, I know. She's also going to get sick a lot, like every year...except this year, I won't get to be the one taking care of her when she is home sick. My mom is perfectly capable, she knows how to tube feed, how to administer meds, how to check her glucose, and how to dip her urine for ketones. KayTar loves my mom. My mom will keep track of her ins and outs and keep me informed while I'm away. I know they will be fine...but I am going to miss those moments. I'm going to worry all day when she is ill. I'm going to want to blow off classes and stay home to snuggle with my sick girl. I know I will. I won't actually skip classes, but I know I'm going to want to. It is a mom thing. I will have to take time off for her doctor's appointments, because my mom is not comfortable handling that, which is fine with me I like to be the one who is exchanging information with the doctors, so I'm sure nothing is left out. Hopefully, we won't have any appointments that fall on major test days or any urgent surgeries or emergency room visits that surprise us during this term!


InTheFastLane said...

AS busy as it is, it must be nice to be able to go to school during the day.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Ouch! I'm working on that right now - chaos. Especially in the middle of a divorce! My ex and I are communicating about fall activities for kids - I think it is going to work out OK.

You are going to LOVE O-chem! Or maybe not. But I really did. It was hard, but it just made sense to me. Physics did not.

Kyla said...

Gizabeth: I hated general chem, please tell me it is better than that! ;) I hear it is a lot of memorization and not a lot of calculations, which sounds like it will be more my style.

I'm totally dreading physics, the tiny bit of physics we covered in trig did not compute. I just couldn't visualize it, so I had to work really hard to memorize the steps of working the problems without having to diagram or visualize what was being described.

Julie said...

It looks tough, but like you said totally doable...and one step closer to the goal!