Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Fever.

BubTar has claimed the coveted First Fever of the School Year title from KayTar, who has held the title last year. She was running a fever by the fourth day after school started last year. He spiked a fever last night, while sleeping over at a friend's house, at 2am...the fifth day after school started. The year before that, it took seven days before illness set in.

Anyway, we got a phone call at around 2:45am. BubTar was puking, had a headache, felt warm. His friend's mom asked if she could give him Motrin and we gave her permission and headed over to get him. By the time we got there, he had puked again. Joy. Once he got home, he didn't vomit again and slept soundly. I think it was related more to the fever and headache than a GI virus. He initially presents like this for strep, so we'll see how it goes. My kids are historically strep magnets, but KayTar hasn't come down with it since her tonsil/adenoidectomy.

This means that tomorrow will be the inaugural day of Granny the Nanny! We also get to test out our system for getting sick kids to the doctor, if/when it becomes necessary. I wasn't expecting all of this quite so soon in the semester, but as BubTar said to KayTar earlier this week when she was hollering about her first paper cut, "Well, that's LIFE!"

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