Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Liver labs, re-redux.

Last Tuesday after KayTar's hearing check up (still half deaf...well, profoundly deaf to be more precise, but only in one ear), we had her ALT/AST labs drawn for the third time this summer. They didn't use enough EMLA cream and her skin was NOT numb. They had to stick her twice. She was uber displeased, but at least it was better than the four pokes it took last time. For three sets of liver labs, she was poked a total of SEVEN times. Boo.

Anyway, I got the results today...ALT is still slightly elevated! So that means...(drumroll, please)...MORE TESTING. I have to call GI tomorrow to get her back in there for a visit, then we go from there.

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alejna said...

Ugh. Pokes are no fun. Especially for a small person. That sounds like way too many pokes.