Monday, August 02, 2010

Quotable KayTar: Week 2

On pregnancy:

"When I'm about to have a baby, people will say, 'Oh, look at that fat lady!'" I told her, "No, they'll say, 'Oh! What a cute belly? Can I touch it?'" She replied, "Well, I'll tell them you can touch it, but don't you take that baby out!"

On poop (there are several of these, thanks to the flare up of her constipation lately):

After camp she said, "At camp, someone kept asking me to make a poop for them." I looked at her strangely and she said, "Oh wait! That was just my dream last night!" (Excellent, we've harassed her so much that she is now dreaming about it.)

Later that afternoon, she was on the toilet, "Trying to push out a Colosseum or maybe a chicken." (she always calls her BM something different and unique, a mountain, an eel, a volcano, ect)

When she finally produced a LARGE amount, "Wow. That was a Colosseum filled with people that I've eaten!"

On the miracles of the human body:

She was sitting next to me on the couch, silently reading one of her human body books. Suddenly she piped up and said, "Awww! Mama! You made colostrum for ME when I was a baby! You're such a good mommy!" Then she hugged me. (She was also really into macrophages, organ transplants, DNA, and mitochondria. If she keeps this up, she might be my MCAT study buddy. ;)


alejna said...

She is really hilarious. I loved the bit about the colostrum. Awww.

~aj~ said...

These ALL gave me quite a laugh this afternoon. Thank you Kay Tar!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

She is a riot!

natalie said...

Too funny!

M asked my SIL why she was smooshing her baby to her br*Ast the other day. I had to explain the whole nursing thing to her. That has been a HOT topic around here for a while now. She can't wait to see how L will eat when he arrives.

We used to have funny poop conversations...although none about eating people!! KayTar is one funny girl.

flutter said...

That girl! she is too much