Monday, July 26, 2010

Quotable KayTar: Week 1

I post all kinds of KayTar quote over on Facebook, but as my mom reminded me, those only stick around so long! I'd like a new format to remember all of KayTar's hilarity and insight, so I'm introducing a weekly (if I can keep it up) edition! These gems are from the past week.

After being poked with the needle, without any luck drawing blood:
"Well, I'm not bleeding. I guess I'm dead."

On the name of a butterfly needle, said to the tech:
"You should really call it a MOSQUITO needle, because butterflies don't have stingers and this kind of stings."

On the pain scale, when I asked what her pain was from 0-10 after a needle stick:
"65! It is a 65!"

After screaming a second time after being poked:
"You know, THAT one was just for fun. It doesn't really hurt anymore."

On her choice of newspaper section at my mom's (which she did read):
"Not the comics! I want REAL news, something really cool. About baseball."

When I checked on her, in the middle of the night because of her fussing, and asked why she was fussing:
"I just wanted some attention. That's all."

When the tech came to get us for her KUB (clearly there was some confusion about exactly how we would be getting pictures of her colon):
"Here! You can see my butt!"
On explaining her drawing to me:
"Look what I did to BubTar's precious Luigi (his favorite character)! He's a BUTT! I drew him as a butt. See, that is his hat and then his face? IS A BUTT!"
She went on to draw several cartoons, "The Famous BubTar Butt" "DADYY BUTT (sic)" and "TOILET MOM". Oh my. Journal time will be interesting for her Kinder teacher.


motherbumper said...

I totally, TOTALLY agree with her comment on the butterfly jamshedi needles. No butterfly would ever sting like that!

Your girl makes me smile.

alejna said...

She is so very quotable. I'm glad you are rounding these up!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Love the screaming for fun and fussing for attention. We all do it - don't we - and funny that she admits it at her age!

~aj~ said...

Hehe, I got quite a chuckle at your last comment. Her teacher is in for a fun surprise in KayTar! :)

Love that you'll be doing this regularly. KayTar's quips are always hilarious.

Aliki2006 said...

That's a great photo!

Magpie said...

She's a pistol.

What is a KUB?

flutter said...

she is a total nut, I love it

painted maypole said...

she is a funny child. ;)

Gwen said...

She is magic. How do you feel about having a comedienne for a grown up child?

moplans said...

she's such a ham and I totally agree w the mosquito needles too.

Julie said...

So funny. Kaytar is is so brilliant, even brilliantly funny.