Wednesday, July 07, 2010


We had a decent 4th. Josh and I spent the entire day writing papers (for the same class), but in the evening we sent the kids to my parents' house and we out with friends. Traffic, fireworks, food, drinks, and a rollercoaster. Fun night! Monday I had a trig exam, last night was lecture, and tomorrow is my final. Joy. We've had three kids attempt to spend the night in the last week and all of them got homesick and went home. Poor BubTar (2 of the 3 were his buds) took it like a knife to the heart, he's so sensitive. I tried to explain it has very little to do with him (the kids were already trying to make new plans with him as they were leaving), but he takes things so personally. It was sad.

After our little boarder left last night, I set up the pump to slow feed KayTar and Josh and I settled in to watch Hell's Kitchen and an episode of Louie. The feed finished, I unhooked her, and went back to watch more TV. 15-20 minutes later she started fussing. I'd pause the TV and she would get quiet, I would hit play and she would start up. I started to wonder if she was being controlled by the remote as well. I went up to check on her and she was writhing a little and moaning, I asked what was wrong and she said she was too full, so I called down and asked Josh to bring up a bowl just in case. Too full usually means puking. She didn't puke, though, and the pain got worse. Usually, there is no pain when she is too full. In fact, for all of her gastro issues, she never has pain. I vented her tube, though, and pulled out some of the feed with a syringe, in case she actually was too full or too gassy. It didn't help and her pain got worse.

We brought her downstairs and by that time she was crying and shivering with pain. I checked a rectal temp and it was totally normal. I asked her to touch the place where it hurt the most with one finger, but she couldn't articulate it. She kept moving her finger from place to place and then said, "I don't know! Just tell me the answer!" I guess it was generalized pain. I asked her if she wanted to be held or to sit in her baby chair or lay in bed and she got very agitated and said, "I can't tell you! You just decide!" We tried to set her in her baby chair to rest, but she couldn't get comfortable. Josh held her on the sofa, and he patted her back in the soothing, absentminded way we all seem to do when holding a baby. KayTar sharply told him, "Stop that! It is making me hurt worse!" A few minutes later he cracked a little joke about her needing to toot and she said, "I AM NOT KIDDING!" She loves a good fart joke, so she's feeling pretty rough when she can't appreciate one. She never has pain like this, even though she has a history of constipation, so I was a little concerned. She settled down, though, and slept through the night and has been fine today. She fell asleep around about 1:45 in the morning and I stayed up for a while longer, waiting for her to call out again, but she didn't.

This morning, she didn't tolerate her entire morning feed, but otherwise she seems to be 100%. I've given her some extra Miralax with water today, in case it is constipation, but I'm not really sure what caused the pain. I emailed our pediatrician (I bet she regrets giving me that address sometimes, but she never lets on, LOL.) and she said that it isn't likely to be intussusception or appy with this presentation, but to go in if it comes back again. I sure hope it doesn't come back, though, because I've got a trig final tomorrow and spending today at the doctor or ER for abdominal pain will not be a good thing!

On a totally unrelated note, I think she has aspirations to be the next Billy Mays:


natalie said...

I'm laughing entirely too hard to articulate an appropriate response. Viola!!! :)

It doesn't get any cuter than that. Come get one right now!

I hope her tummy was better today.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Ouch is right, sounds rough! I also hope she is better today.

painted maypole said...

it seems that whenever a week has too much going on, that's when everything else acts up. I feel that way the week before a show opens, I'm sure Murphy's law is alive and well for finals week, too.

hope it doesn't come back, and that all the rest of the finals go well.

motherbumper said...

Oh Kaytar, you always amaze me.

And regarding Bub's sleepover I was ALWAYS one of those kids that called my parents to pick me up from home-sickness. I didn't really enjoy sleepovers until jr. high. I'm sure he is a wonderful host but sometimes the pull of home is just too strong