Monday, May 24, 2010

Whew, that is better!

Last week was terrible. The last time I can remember being that sick was probably when I was 16, ten years ago! Quick recap: I had a chest cold for a week, started to feel better Sunday morning before getting much worse on Sunday night. On Monday I saw the doctor, got a steroid shot, started antibiotics and mucinex dm along with my albuterol. Tuesday, I started to feel a tiny bit better. Wednesday, I got worse and the doctor started me on oral steroids. Thursday, I started to feel better. Friday, I got much worse...I had the scariest asthma attack in a very long time. I thought was going to end up in the hospital. Once I finally got it mostly under control, I called the PA because I was maxed out on albuterol and my chest was still as tight as a drum. She called out Symbicort for me and once I started that, I finally, FINALLY started to actually get better. I made steady improvement over the weekend and it is such a relief. The bad news is that KayTar seems to be coming down with it now. She has been congested and coughing since Saturday, so far nothing beyond some mild upper respiratory symptoms, but I'm still a little worried about her. If it hit me this hard, I'm a bit anxious about how it might affect her.

Here's a few snippets to catch you up on what we've been up to recently. I have two weeks left of my break between semesters, I'm taking Trig and Pre-Cal over the summer. Josh graduated from junior college the Friday before last...we're both transferring to university in the fall. We FINALLY have an endocrine appointment for KayTar coming up next Friday...we're currently testing her glucose prior to every meal/bolus feeding, even at school. She's such a champ...doesn't mind at all. Sometimes she pretends I'm a Medical Fairy and my wand (lancet) is filled with fairy dust in lieu of a needle. She's a hoot. BubTar got into the GT program for next year and he's quite excited about that. We've been having lots of fun playing old school Nintendo games together lately. The Wii was ABSOLUTELY the best family purchase we've made in a very long time. The kids have a week and a half of school left and I can hardly believe summer is right around the corner! That is all the news for now, and I just have one very, very important question for you all...

What did YOU think of the LOST finale???


Chrissy said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

As for the finale: I liked it. I didn't understand it all, but that is what I expected anyway. I could have lived without that annoying Shannon and Boone, but other than that it was good.

Becca said...

Glad you are feeling better!! Enjoy your two weeks.

sheree said...

I am SO glad to hear that you are feeling better. It's no fun when the mama's are out of commission and it sounds like whatever you had was a doozy!

Hopefully KayTar won't have it as bad. Kids are amazing like that sometimes ;) She might just surprise you!

painted maypole said...

so glad you're on the mend

lost: i liked it, and liked the themes, but felt it was kinda hokey at the end. the white light and all that. almost TOO simple.

what did YOU think?

natalie said...

Lost finale: Have no idea. I've never seen on episode.

The 'Tar Family: Have the best summer ever!!! How excited that Josh graduated from junior college and you'll both be at the university! Doesn't that sound so very grown up???? You guys have much more energy than any other family I know.

We LOVE our Wii, too. I agree that it was a wonderful purchase. We just decided over the weekend that one evening each week will be Wii night and one evening will be movie night. We're planning on a good summer!