Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day weekend update...

We have had a DELIGHTFUL weekend!

On Friday, my parents hosted a sleepover for my kiddos and their cousins. Josh and I took the opportunity to have an impromptu date night. It was nothing fancy, just dinner at Fuddruckers (I love their cheese sauce an unholy amount) and then we went to see MacGruber. It was a fun evening.

On Saturday, KayTar spent most of the day in the pool with her cousins, but BubTar came home early in the day and wanted to invite his friend C over. C spent most of the day with us and we all went swimming at my parents' house in the evening.

This morning, Josh made cinnamon rolls and shortly after breakfast we headed back to my parents' house for more swimming. We were in the pool nearly all day, with a short break for a lunch of chicken kabobs and chicken nuggets. It was so much fun. This evening we had our best friends over for pizza and game night (Mexican Train, WOOT!), and BubTar's friend is spending another night with us so his parents can go celebrate their anniversary. He's such a good kid, we definitely don't mind keeping him for another evening. Having an extra kid around is almost easier, they are all much happier and nobody ever complains of boredom!

Tomorrow we have more swimming and grilling plans, and I cannot imagine a more relaxing and fun weekend! It is finally starting to feel like summer, even though the kids have three days left in their school year.


natalie said...

Oh, that BubTar just melts my heart!

And that snaggle toothed KayTar.

They could not be any cuter!

~aj~ said...

You swimming pictures always make me smile. How nice to have your parents and their pool so cose!!!

And I love that you guys are such Mexican Train fans. That's what we always played with my grandma and grandpa. What fun!