Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Life? What life?

Here's a peek at what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks...

Monday, February 15th:
KayTar has her first sick visit at the pediatrician's office in months AND ends up in the ER.
Miss Chem II.
Miss volunteer shift.

Tuesday-Thursday, February 16-18th:

KayTar is home sick, preempting all studying and party planning goals.

Friday-Saturday, February 19-20th:
Insane party prep!

Sunday, February 21st:
The party!
Collapse into heap.

Monday, February 22nd:

Cram for a Chem II exam.
Cupcake delivery to KayTar's school.
KayTar's birthday lunch.
More cramming.
Chem II exam.
Blue and Gold Party for Cub Scouts (BubTar got a TON of awards!).
Volunteer at the hospital from 10pm-12am.

Tuesday, February 23rd:
Mourn over my Chem exam.
Read a novel.

Wednesday, February 24th:
Special Olympics Young Athletes' Day with KayTar.
Pediatrician appointment for BubTar.
Meet up with Josh briefly to pass off BubTar.
Eat in car.
Chem II.
Get Chem II grade, a miraculous 84.
Kick myself for DUMB mistake that cost me my A.

Thursday, February 25th:
Somehow I can't remember a THING about this day. Perhaps I was in a coma? I think there might have been grocery shopping...not entirely sure.

Friday, February 26th:
KayTar spikes a fever that rapidly progressed to a HIGH fever.
Biology II SI session.
Cram for Bio II lab exam.
Sleepless night with sick and HOT KayTar, fever got up to 103.9.

Saturday, February 27th:
Skip Bio II lecture to take KayTar to the pediatrician.
Drop KayTar at my mom's. (the boys were at a scout class)
Barely make it to Bio II in time for the lab exam.
Nurse a sick KayTar.

Sunday, February 28th:
Sick KayTar.
Trip to Target for boxers for BubTar and a bathmat. Sadly exciting as I hadn't been out of the house except for school or the pediatrician for quite sometime.
Dinner with my parents.

Monday, March 1st:
Sick KayTar.
Make brightly colored index cards for Bio II.
Chem II.
Volunteer at the hospital from 10pm-12am.

Tuesday, March 2nd:
Sick KayTar.
Sort clothes for Spring.

Over the next week or so, I have a two DOUBLE-LENGTH Chem II classes, Bio II SI, Bio II lecture exam, Chem II study session, Chem II lecture exam, and the start of another course...just to hit a few of the highlights. Thankfully, Spring Break is just around the corner. I'm going to need it!


Chrissy said...

That makes me tired just reading it. Hope spring break comes quickly.

InTheFastLane said...

And I think you should have someone make YOU cupcakes during spring break.

~aj~ said...

It leaves me speechless. I don't know how you do it all, dear. Even on the days that sound somewhat relaxing (surely a coma is relaxing, right?), you still did laundry and grocery shopping. Amazing!

Hope that KayTar is feeling better soon!!!

Magpie said...

You deserve a nice spring break, because that is one complicated and busy schedule.

Debbie said...

you blow my mind. what IntheFastLane said. Cupcakes for you, stat.

(heh. hospital-y joke up there.)

(um. am dork.)

Gwen said...

February 23rd. That's the day for me. Yup.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

BUSY!!!!!! Hang in there momma!!!!