Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Potty Report: Day 3

This might be the most stereotypically mommyblog-esque post I have ever written.

The Ups:
* 2 out of 3 days, no accidents at school
* 3 accident-free nights
* All but one pee made it into the toilet
* Several twosies made it into the potty

The Downs:
* One pants wetting accident yesterday on the playground
* Several partial twosies have ended up in the undies

She is still very enthusiastic about it and is making a great effort. I think the Miralax is to blame for the partial twosie accidents. The current consistency is more like what you might expect from a newborn which makes it somewhat difficult to control, as you can probably imagine. We're playing around with her dosage to try and get something a little less unpredictable, but that doesn't totally shut down production (in the poop factory, as she affectionately refers to her colon) altogether. That is a whole different problem!

I'd say, so far, so good. She's happy with her pretty little princess under-roos and I'll be happy when my years of bottom cleaning finally come to an end.


sheree said...

well what a GREAT report!! You are cracking me up with the "twosies" comments. :p

jo(e) said...

That sounds like progress!

Anonymous said...

At least she is trying now. It sounds good.

~aj~ said...

You meant to say, "Come to an end...for a while anyways." I'm still holding out hope for TarBaby #3 someday waaaaay down the road. :)

Super proud of KayTar and I can totally see the problem with the Miralax and the ol' poop factory. Hope you're able to find a dosage that works.

Lastly, my sole reason for getting on the computer just now was to see if by chance you had a post up. I was feeling the need for some Kyla-speak. :)

alejna said...

Go KayTar! (Hmm...funny choice of words. I guess you could interpret that as "go in the potty, KayTar!" Anyhow, good job, KayTar!) How cool that she's making this big step.

tierd said...

That is great! I hope y'all find the right Miralax balance soon. :)

natalie said...

Not too bad!! Atleast she makes twosies every day. Even on Miralax, M has NEVER done that every day. We're lucky to get something every other day. And the absolute JOY when she can take care of their own bottom cleaning responsibilities!!! Bliss... pure bliss.

Mimi said...