Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A bit of everything.

BubTar is healing up nicely, thanks to our good friend Amoxicillin. I love that stuff, such delicious childhood memories. I was sick a lot as a kid and me and Amoxicillin had loads of good times together. BubTar still has the rash. Though it has faded, his skin is still sandpapery. His fever and sore throat were gone by the second dose of antibiotics. Truth be told, I'm a bit thankful for the rash. We had planned to wait the sore throat and fever out until Monday before seeing the doctor, until he got the rash that clearly pointed to strep rather than a viral illness. If we had waited, we wouldn't have been able to see OUR pediatrician because she is on a medical mission in Honduras this week. How cool is that?! I can't wait to hear about it. I'm glad we were able to get BubTar treated before she was out of the country, though.


We have a new pseudo-theory on KayTar's episodes. It is a loooong shot, but there might be something to it. The only difference in the episode-free 6 months and the episode-riddled last few months, is the TYPE of Pediatric Drink she has been taking. For the episode-free 6 months, she was on name brand Pediasure, thanks to insurance. Once the insurance stopped and the stockpile was gone, we switched to the generic kind. We bought a lot of it and even after she was re-insured, we continued to use the generic kind until it was gone. She recently has started taking Pediasure brand again. Although the formulas are meant to be comparable, if she has a metabolic disorder that is not characterized yet, something as simple as a cheaper type of protein or carbohydrate (or other component) might not be properly utilized by her body. Now that she is back on the Pediasure brand, we'll see what happens with the episodes. The complication of this would be, of course, if she needs such a specific type of nutrient, even if she eats enough table food to equal a Pediasure in calories or proteins, it might not have exactly what she needs. We need to make sure she still gets 3 Pediasures per day, in addition to her table foods. We don't want her table food eating to suffer, so it would be GREAT if we could ever get her feeding pump approved to do a slow overnight feed to keep her balanced. Like I said, it is a long shot, but it is the only change we can pinpoint between the two time periods.


My first math course of the summer is halfway over and I'm pulling a 100 so far. Even better than that, I'm ENJOYING it. Math. Who would've thought!? When I was a kid I would get grounded for getting B's in my classes, except in math. B's in math were allowed. It wasn't my subject. That attitude stuck with me and I have a long history of hating math, but after spending the last two summers in math courses, I've discovered that I don't hate it. I actually understand it well and enjoy working through the problems. It is predictable and even a bit comforting. The amount of math involved in premed course work was definitely a concern for me originally, but I think I'll do just fine with it. I do plan on continuing to take my math courses as minis, though, it all seems much more cohesive when condensed into a shorter time period. Four hours of math, three nights a week doesn't leave much time to get rusty.


Summer is fun.


Jaden Paige said...

That last picture is so precious. Glad to hear that you still have your head above water with all the responsibilities you're juggling right now... !! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. How much does a tube feed pump cost? I'd be happy to help out.

Becca said...

There are so many variables! How interesting the thought about the off-brand pediasure is. I hope you have a long period with no episodes, whatever the reason. Glad school is going so well!

Amy Y said...

Glad Bub~tar is feeling better...I hope your Pediasure theory is correct!!

Magpie said...

Yeah - summer is fun!

KayTar is so lucky to have you as her mother, always thinking, always pondering.

Aliki2006 said...

I love that last picture, too--so wonderful!

It's funny/interesting about your theory. We have a slightly different one about T. She was on Topamax for two years, during which she didn't eat as well because it cut her appetite. Since coming off it she's eating more meals/per day and more of what she eats, so we're wondering if her episodes are triggered by something to do with her diet. We've noticed that when she goes too long between meals she gets "headachey"--irritable and weak and tired.

tierd said...

I hope there is something to the theory ... and it means no more episodes!

Congrats on ENJOYING math ... I cannot fathom that!

painted maypole said...

at least a pseudo theory gives you something to work with, and some hope. Here's to an end to episodes!

moplans said...

Ooo interesting theory. I have had different reactions to brand name vs generic meds so there may be something there.
From what I understand it is pretty common to use pumps for overnight feeds. I hope you can get that organised.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are like the Sherlock Holmes of KayTar. Seriously, you need a badge or something.

PS. They're growing up so fast!

Bon said...

it's like being in an ongoing mystery, isn't it? the Pediasure theory makes sense, though...now that you're back on it, i do hope the episodes stop. one, because that would be good. two, because to have a reason would be amazing for all of you, i'm sure.

the kids are beautiful.

InTheFastLane said...

Good job on the math. You sound like my daughter. It is the one class she gets Bs in, even though she could get it.

Glad Bub is feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

OMG those pics are awesome! Such cuties!
You are so freaking smart and I am undeniably jealous. I married a mathematician, so he wears the math in our relationship, thank God.

Interesting theory on the pediasure. I think you could be right on with it. Our experiences with E's Dan Doc are really opening our eyes to the multiple effects that nutrition and diet have on our boy.

Katie said...

You're enjoying math?



Keep us posted on the Pediasure theory. It makes sense to me.

jo(e) said...

I love that you ended with such happy photos!

Amelia said...

These pictures are AWESOME. Some of my favorite ever. There is nothing that makes me happier than my children finding joy in each other.

Yay for math skillz.

Boo for strep.

~aj~ said...

Alright Miss Smarty Pants with the 100 in math...is there seriously anything you cannot do?!

I really hope there is something to your Pediasure theory. Very interesting!

And that last picture of your 2 cuties is just about the cutest thing ever.

Run ANC said...

Probably not the point of your post, but...you got GROUNDED for not getting A's??