Monday, June 29, 2009

A tale of two near misses.

Saturday morning, KayTar woke up with slightly puffy lips and was wheezing a bit.

Her lips were not nearly as swollen as they were for her previous reactions, but they were noticeably puffier than her usual little pout.

She said her lips felt funny and wanted some Chapstick, so I gave that to her, with a side of Benadryl to prevent the swelling from getting worse, and Albuterol for the wheezing.

I asked her if she had anything to eat at the YMCA the previous night and she said she had, even though they've been instructed not to feed the KayTar due to allergies. She said it was "pop chicken" and she spit it out because it was "so gross it made her THROW UP." (I still haven't been able to reach anyone who knows what she was given on Friday. I think it is unrelated because of the time that had passed, but I still want to know.)

The swelling did not progress any further and she fell asleep for a while. I watched her closely, but she was fine for the remainder of the day.

I don't know if it was an allergic reaction or not. I feel certain it wasn't a reaction to whatever she has reacted to previously, as reactions get worse in intensity, they do not lessen. I will mention it to her new allergist in a few weeks and let her decide what to do with the information.


Yesterday afternoon, KayTar said that her head was hurting, so I gave her Tylenol.

Then she said her eyes were hurting, so I held my breath, hoping it wasn't an episode.

Then she said that her eyes were spinny and she couldn't make them stop, so I turned out the light, darkened the windows, got the emesis basin, put down towels and waterproof sheets under her, and laid down with her in the silent, dark room.

She said she felt better. Then she said she felt spinny. She gagged a bit. Then again, she said she felt better.

I suggested that we lay together and rest for a while, she muttered her agreement and fell fast asleep.

A couple of hours later she woke up and was totally fine. She was fine for the rest of the day.

It never turned into an episode, though it sure danced close to the edges.


Becca said...

That is scary! Glad everything worked out.

painted maypole said...


scarbie doll said...

OMG! Isn't it crazy how we moms live our lives with stomachs tied in knots waiting for the next thing to happen? I feel your pain friend. My child is barely special needs, so I can't even begin to imagine, but I know that constant holding your breath feeling.

Janet said...

The puffy lips thing is terrifying; it hits close to home. When will people learn not to feed small allergic children without their parent's consent?

Niksmom said...

Whew, glad it didn't turn into a full-blown episode. The food on Friday *could* have been the cause of Saturday's reaction. The body can continue to have a histamine response even after the offending substance is gone. **Definitely** find out what the food was and tell the allergist about it. Fingers crossed that it was a one-time fluke. Still, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING AT THE Y!?!?!? (Sorry, not yelling at you, yelling at the stupid people who gave her the icky food on Friday. Sheesh.)

tierd said...

Scary! But glad all is well and neither event turned into an episode.

moplans said...

Phew. I am so glad everything worked out.
I'm not too impressed with the YMCA feeding her when they weren't supposed to. We have a number of friends with allergies and I find more often than I would like, people just do not take it seriously enough.

Christine said...

Glad she is okay. Especially scary about the new allergy. Eesh.

~aj~ said...

And to think, she has no idea the worry she puts you (and all of us!) through. lol

I'm glad neither situation got worse. I was really worrying about her after the FB status with the puffy lips.

Tell Miss Thang to take it easy the rest of the week!

Raehan said...

The fact that she felt like she was going to throw up, makes me think she is allergic to something in that chicken. A friend of Hannah had the same reaction to a candied walnut right before he had his first allergic episode. I think your body knows right away sometimes.

: : /

Wouldn't be wonderful though it was a clue that would lead to a diagnosis. I wish. I wish.


flutter said...

she breaks my heart

InTheFastLane said...

so glad that they were just misses. but, how hard to wonder and not know why.

Magpie said...


carrie said...

That's how I feel when I get a migraine...all spinny. I'm glad it's not THOSE either!

Aliki2006 said...

Whew--I'm glad those near misses worked out. We've been having quite a few near misses with T. lately. Her neuro says it's her body growing and accommodating the migraines.