Monday, May 18, 2009

Special Sunday: Ridemakerz

Special Sundays are usually chosen by one of the kids and uninfluenced by Josh or I, but when I was invited to a Ridemakerz promotional party, I offered it up as a suggestion for BubTar's day yesterday. He accepted, though, he did try to talk me into control of next Sunday, just to see if it might work.(it didn't work.) The kids have been looking forward to it all week, but unfortunately, KayTar got sick Saturday and she and Josh had to miss out on the fun! I invited our pediatrician and her kids along, but due to scheduling, they were only at partial capacity, too. It ended up just being she and I and our oldest boys. We still had a great time and we were able to make cars for the missing members of our party! We were assigned a crew member who walked us through the store, directing us to chose our parts and then showed up how to assemble them.

On KayTar's behalf, I chose (we had looked it up online beforehand):

Pink car body
Street chassis with R/C
Yellow tattoo wheels
Daisy rims
Heart-shaped grill
Silver spoiler
Purple neon lights (underneath)
Flower, butterfly, and turtle decals

BubTar chose:

Red fire truck body
Monster truck chassis with R/C
Flame wheels
Cyclone rims
Emergency vehicle lights
Dump truck kit
Exhaust pipes
Side pipes

We encountered one minor problem, although KayTar's lights and music worked at the store, we didn't test the R/C capability until we got home and it turns out her chassis was defective! Taking the brand new toy away from a sick kid who already had missed out on all of the fun went over about as well as you might imagine, but the guys in the store fixed us right up and I was able to deliver the car back to its owner in working condition. All of the kids are LOVING their cars and although there IS an available online counterpart to race their cars, mine strongly prefer the real thing, which is increasingly rare these days!

I'm thrilled we had the chance to create these custom cars and Ridemakerz gave me the chance to pass along the same opportunity to not one, but TWO lucky readers. Actually, Ridemakerz gave me the first $100 gift card and our fabulous pediatrician donated her $100 gift card to be given away here, too. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post now through 11:59PM Friday, May 22nd, with a valid email address in your comment. One entry per valid email address, please! Open to residents of US and Canada. You also need to be willing to send me your mailing address if you are selected as a winner. I'll contact the two winners via email and announce them here on Saturday.

If you do not have a Ridemakerz store nearby, never fear, you are still able to build a car online and have it shipped to your home (they do ship to Canada, as well, for an additional cost). KayTar and I utilized this feature to build her virtual car beforehand, so I knew which parts she wanted once I got to the store. It was very user-friendly and set up much like the store itself. Of course, you don't get the hands-on, build it yourself satisfaction, but you'll still get a really cool car.


Andrea said...

I've never heard of this place before Isaiah(and Elijah) would LOVE it! How cool that you guys got to go!!

Heather Georger said...

How F U N!!!!!
My email is babyvanity @ gmail dot com

Magpie said...

Ooh - that sounds like fun, and like something my husband and girl-child would fight over!

JSmith5780 said...

In a house with three boys, the agenda for every day involves cars, cars and more cars.
momofabc @

CarolR said...

I want in on the drawing too!

roanschewe at gmail dot com

tierd said...

That sounds like fun! Sorry KayTar had to miss the excitement.

jgoldhop (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Glad that K-Tar got to make a virtual car! how cool is that! Sounds like you have a nice relationship with your Ped- that is awesome.

Dawn said...

Sooooooo cool!!

Troye Smith said...

I showed the site to Aus and he went crazy. He told me to make sure we left time next time we went to Houston because he just had to see it.

troyesthree @ yahoo dot com

Kristin said...

Well considering how fun Build a Bear can be, I can only imagine how cool this would be for the car-loving types, especially...and bless your pediatrician for giving away her gift card too. She's really amazing!

Oh yeah...and I want to enter the giveaway!
lilyspout @ yahoo dot com

Pgoodness said...

we loooove Ridemakerz!!! So much fun to build cars!!

ewe are here said...

Sounds like a very popular concept!

(I'm not entering. :-) )

Carrie said...

Those sounds like a great deal of fun.
I opened up the website to check it out and the sound was up on my computer. When the page opened it started making car noises and Eric and Ethan came running to the computer. LOL

~aj~ said...

I was hoping you and BubTar would still get to go to this, despite KayTar being sick over the weekend.

Those look like SO MUCH FUN!

I'm definitely entering this one!

mawilson22 at msn dot com

Jaden Paige said...

I'm so glad you all had fun, and that little Kaytar still got her car!

I've never heard of this store before, but it would be an AWESOME gift for my brother for his summer birthday!! Randomizer, I beseech you- pick me! ;)

jadensmail at gmail dot com

Christine said...

dude, you so know my wee ones would dig one of those cars!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!!!

Bon said...

i didn't even know stuff like this existed. i am starting to suspect my entire part of the world is stuck in, like, 1993. sigh.

still, i will enter 'cause O would LOVE to do this online.

Cold Spaghetti said...

Jeez, I feel like I've been living on the dark side of the moon... thanks for writing about this place and for the contest!

Cold Spaghetti said...



Living on the moon's dark side seems to inflict forgetfulness...?

coldspaghetti at gmail dot com

Jennifer said...

Lucas would love this place. All he ever says is car! @ gmail dot com

alejna said...

That sounds like loads of fun. We love playing with cars.

alejna99 @ gmail dot com

Larissa said...

I've never even heard of it before! Lana is a total tomboy and would go CRAZY for that!

Junie's Blog said...

Those cars are super cool!! I love that it's available to Canadians! Woot!

Jessica (OI) said...

We love ridemakers. Sorry Kaytar had to stay at home!

painted maypole said...

making your own custom car? I would totally give this to my nephew.

pntdmaypole AT yahoo DOT com

Ellie Chabot said...

Now that is a super cool thing both my older boys would love that.

angiesarman said...

so much fun!!

Sarahviz said...

My boyz would love this!

katrynka said...

Oh my, I would LOVE to win this! My stepdaughter and her cousin are coming to visit in July, and I have been thinking about taking them there! It would be so great to have the prize money/coupon, cause then we could afford whatever they want.

Such great fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh, those look fun! You even got this lurker to enter :)

Ygrainne at aol dot com

metimes6 said...

I had never heard of that before - way cool! Love the cars you guys made!

metimes6 @ gmail dot com

Tami said...

It's like Build A Bear with cars - how very cool!!! Sorry Kaytar didn't get to go but glad that Bubtar and the rest had fun!!!!

Tracy said...

The cars you made are awesome!

Laura said...

Another delurker - looks like great fun. Thank you for your wonderful writing, parenting, and speaking out over the years; you are an inspiration.