Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Like drawers of a filing cabinet, so are the days of our lives.

This morning KayTar had an allergist visit. We love allergist visits. Seriously, we do! In addition to the fact that KayTar has decided that "specialist visits" are actually code for the KayTar Variety Hour (complete with a captive audience), our allergist has really warmed to KayTar and seems to genuinely look forward to seeing her. Turns out her latest labs didn't register any allergic reaction at all, so we're still avoiding nuts, but really unsure about the whole nut allergy. Because some people are reactive even though the immunoCAP is negative, the next step is a nut challenge, which they only do in the hospital. She's referring us to her husband, who is an allergy/immunology fellow at our children's hospital, at least in part because she said she wants him to meet KayTar, because she's such a hoot. I called about scheduling today and should hear back in the next couple of days. On a sad note, this was the last time we'll see her! They are moving to another state once his fellowship ends. We've only been seeing her for a few months, but she and KayTar click so well, we're sad to see her go. Strangely enough, when I called to schedule her genetics follow-up this afternoon, I discovered we were losing TWO doctors! Her geneticist is also moving out of state at the end of the month. We'll be seeing a new doctor for our follow-up visit, we're hoping he can look at the case with fresh eyes and see something someone else overlooked, since we've hit a bit of a dead end.

I spoke with KayTar's new school and BubTar's transfer is a go! Unfortunately, they do not have a full time GT class, though, they do tend to group the high achievers together. There is a pull out program for GT and the teacher will be able to give him enrichment activities to keep him engaged in the regular classroom. While I'm a little bummed that it isn't a dedicated GT classroom, it sounds like he'll manage just fine. We could pursue grade level testing to move him upwards and I don't doubt that he could move onto third, but we think it is best that he stays with his same aged peers. He's just excited that there is bus he might get to ride and that there is no weekly chapel to sit through, such are the priorities of seven year old boys.

The CHIP buy-in bill might not make it through state legislation if they don't get to it tonight, so everyone PLEASE (pleasepleaseplease), cross your fingers, say your prayers, or whatever else you can offer up that this one makes it through.

*I have a 3-drawer filing cabinet on my desk, labeled Medical, School, and I finished these paragraphs I sat back in my chair and caught sight of the drawers, the recurring themes of my life.


sheree said...

bummer on the allergist and the geneticist :(

I think you're probably right though...having a new set of eyes to look through KayTar's records may not be such a bad thing.

As far as BubTar, how exciting for him! That's kinda sucky that there is no GT class but I am sure he will still excell.


alejna said...

The KayTar Variety Hour. Heh. I love it. Too bad some of her audience members are leaving!

I like your filing cabinet analogy.

Of course, it reminds me of how disorganized I am. I have piles and heaps, and little actually gets filed.

Becca said...

Good news on school! I hope the CHIP bill made it through. I was at the statehouse this weekend and it was very busy!

Mad said...

Well? What happenened with the bill?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a child who was moved up - DON"T do that to Bubtar. I HATED having to go up to the next class - and the older kids hated me being there! Thankfully I only had to go up for a few classes a day - so perhaps that made it worse, I don't know! I am sure Bubtar will excel in his current placement AND if you get a good teacher, there are many other ways he can do advanced work. In Elementary School, when my son was done w/his work (which was often before everyone else) he had a teacher that had "labs" set up around the room - reading labs, math labs, science, etc that he could then go and learn at - he loved it and it was a great compromise until we got him into the advanced placement! I wish you much luck!!!

Kyla said...

Anonymous, thanks for weighing in! Those are EXACTLY our concerns. We know he could do it, but socially speaking it doesn't seem good for him. The person I spoke to yesterday told us the same thing about enrichment labs in the class and I think all in all, he'll be happy and adequately challenged.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I didn't overstep boundaries...but seriously the minute I read that I remembered the "tummy aches" I had each day cuz I didn't want to go to school. I think you will also find as he gets older there will be more programs for him as an advanced student...not to mention, you sound like great parents and I am sure you are challenging him at home as well! And btw - I don't remain anonymous for any reason - I just read the blog at work, and don't have an acct set up - I always feel sneaky as anon - but it's easiest when posting a comment. Not to mention - I suck at computer stuff - even the simple stuff!

Tami (Anon)

moplans said...

I'd love to see that show. I'll have to get Julia on that.
We need some specialist friends.

Great news about the school and I am following your updates about the bill. Fingers crossed.

Woman in a Window said...

I think you need to start a beach file. A fly by the seat of your pants file. A fun file.

Glad the kids are able to go to school together. That's something!