Tuesday, October 09, 2012

She is on to me...

On Monday, KayTar was VERY chatty. KayTar is always chatty, but this was a lot, even for her. We went to Build-A-Bear to get her a limited edition sock monkey and she talked all the way there and all the way home and all the way through dinner. After dinner, we had the following conversation...

KayTar: Can I watch some TV now? 
Me (and my tired ears): Please do! 
KayTar: Alright, alright...I'll shut up. 
Me: I didn't say that!! 
KayTar: What you said was a NICE way of saying that. 
Me: *copious laughter* 
Josh: Well, there goes subtlety! 

That kid doesn't miss ANYTHING! Hilarious.

KayTar and Lily, the monkey with medical problems.
The cashier asked her, "Oh, it is a doctor monkey?" 
And KayTar said, "No, this monkey's got medical problems!"
Of course.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! I just love Katie- she has got to be the funniest, spunkiest kid I know. I would have loved to have her in my classroom back when I was teaching!

dlefler said...

That kid is sharp - nothing gets by her, lol! I love her monkey - I didn't know BAB had sock monkeys! Just too cute.