Friday, October 12, 2012

Gracious Loser

Almost every night, I cuddle with KayTar as she falls asleep. I didn't always do this, but one night I was thinking about what I would miss most if she wasn't here anymore, I realized what I was seriously missing out by not taking advantage of those sweet twilight snuggles while I could get them! Josh has tried to hone in on my territory and cuddle with her a couple of times, but he ALWAYS gets kicked out and she ALWAYS calls me in. He just can't compete with my MSA (Master in Snuggling Arts), I guess.

A week or two ago (I should really keep up with this stuff better here!), he was in a trouble-making mood and when I said, "Okay, I'm going to go cuddle with KayTar..." He said, "Not if I get there first!" and raced me up the stairs. Once we were in there, he said, "Let's let her decide!" and of course she picked me, as always. Like I said, he was in a trouble-making mood, so he laid down next to her regardless just to see what we would do, and she said, "Uhh, Dad? I didn't pick YOU." As he admitted defeat and sweetly tucked her in and went on his way, she said, "We should really get him a t-shirt that says, 'Gracious Loser' on it!" 

Oh my gosh, I almost DIED! Where does she get this stuff?! It was funny enough when she said it, but when I tried to tell Josh the story later, I started laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. Life with KayTar is not always easy, but it IS always, ALWAYS entertaining. 


jo(e) said...

I just love your whole family.

alejna said...

That is perfect, both what she said, and my image of you cracking up as you tried to tell Josh. I love these stories of yours.

Elizabeth said...

Where DOES she get this stuff? Hilarious!

dlefler said...

She is a real character - I love it. When Nolan comes into our bed in the morning, he always snuggles up against me. That might be because Dennis always tosses him back in his own bed, though, lol! He knows mama doesn't mind an early morning cuddle!