Friday, August 10, 2012

"Why are you in that wheelchair?"

KayTar's answer, "Because I can't walk a lot or I get too tired...and anyway, it is awesome! Want to see me to a wheelie?"

She amazes me with her outlook on life and she is so very proud of her wheelchair! We took it to the hospital yesterday for her audiology appointment and she was in heaven. SO happy to be out of that baby stroller so people won't think she is a baby! And for the record, she cannot wheelie yet, but she can lean back on the anti-tips for about 1 second and she thinks it is the coolest move EVER! :)


Anonymous said...

great attitude! cute picture!

tervy said...

Woot! You roll girl. Want me to teach her to wheelie? Mwahaha.

Why are you in that chair? To kids I usually say - because my legs don't work. Sometimes I am wicked and say - because I can go faster than you. Wanna race?

Might want to start thinking about what she will say when somebody grabs her chair. To play in it our push it. I absolutely hate somebody grabbing my chair to help me unasked. I ask them, do you want people to grab your leg and help you walk??

Oh, and make friends with a good local road bike shop. They will do wonders to keep the wheels in good shape and much cheaper than dme.

dlefler said...

Rock on, KayTar! I love that kid.

How did audiology go? Good ear still good?