Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the last day you were six...

I woke up at 5am, stumbled to the kitchen to mix your Nexium, and gave it to you while you slept. I gave you your first dose of Augmentin and started your first formula (6 ounces of Pediasure at a rate of 240 ml/hr) feed at 6am.

Dad dressed you in your sleep, as always. You wore a light blue polo, size 6, and a pair of elastic waist khakis, size 6X. You wore a pair of pink Disney Princess socks (Aurora, I think) and your camouflage, brown, and pink boots. You wore your pink hoodie, too. You gave me a six year old hug and kiss before school.

You asked for salami slices and Doritos Cool Ranch chips in your lunch, along with your Star Wars Thermos of water you bring every day. Dad packed your lunch, like he does every day, and I packed your feeds for school. You got two more 6 ounce feeds while you were at school, at 9:30 and 1:30, and a glucose check at 11:30...just like every day. I surprised you with a Happy Meal from McDonald's for lunch. I can't be there for lunch time on your birthday because of my classes, so we celebrated early. You ate 1 nugget (with LOTS of prodding) and 1 bite of a second nugget (also with LOTS of prodding). Your classmates were very talkative and we discussed all sort of important things, like loose/missing teeth and the Tooth Fairy, Christmas gifts, math problems, and so forth. You gave me another six year old hug and kiss before I left.

I picked you up after school, like I always do and we came home. You told me you gave your school nurse, who is one of our favorite people, THREE of your last six year old hugs...I'm sure she cherished every one. You worked on your homework (telling time and writing your spelling words 3x's each...you were VERY proud that you remembered to put spaces between your words! Great work!!). After homework, you got your Augmentin and fourth tube feed while you played some computer, then played in your room. The boys left to go to a Cub Scouts meeting and we went outside so you could drive your car around some. Your tushie got sore, so we decided to come in. You put on your pjs (blue and green stripey pants and your Tooth Doctor For Kids t-shirt) and we played Wii Party for about an hour. Your favorite games were the one where the barrel gets dropped on you and the one where you swing from a rope. You let go at the wrong time every time and ended up flying backwards...you thought it was SO funny. You don't care if you win or not, as long as you are having fun playing! At one point you told me, giggling, "If there was a biggest loser tonight...I'd have to say it would be YOU, Mom."

You went upstairs for reading time at 7, like every night. You read Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Get Lost. You needed Benadryl before bed because you were stuffy. I went up to tuck you in at 7:30, like every night, and got some more six year old hugs, kisses, and butterflies...then we did a little video interview about the last day you were six and what your plans are for the first day you will be seven. I didn't catch it on camera, but you told me "I'm so lucky to be born in the month of looooooove." Then I tucked you in, got some more six year old hugs, kisses, and butterflies and you fell asleep pretty soon after I turned off the lights.

Six, one last time!

Seven years ago, I was watching American Idol and timing contractions. I knew I'd get to meet you soon and  I was excited and anxious about my second baby arriving, A GIRL, but I could never have imagined how completely you would change my life. Sometimes the entire 7 years seems like it has zoomed by in the blink of an eye, but it has been the fullest 7 years of my life. There have been challenges, struggles, and frustrations along the way and many worries, too...but I have learned more, and experienced more joy, and witnessed more triumphs than I ever could have imagined before meeting you. You are such a joy and blessing, every day, no matter how you feel or what is going on in your life. You can always pick out any speck of good that might be hidden in any situation. I am so lucky that I get to call you MINE and I cherish every day we have had together and all the days yet to come. Happy almost birthday, baby girl...I love you more than words will ever be able to express!


dlefler said...

Hahaha - I love her video: "you cleaned the bathroom..." lol! Happy 7th Birthday to KayTar! She is so funny, and cute to boot!

alejna said...

What a beautiful post. It will mean a lot to you and her to be able to have this glimpse of your lives on this one big day.

KayTar is really an amazing individual! (And so are you!)

Shellye said...

This post made me cry!!!

What a precious way to sum up KayTar's last day being six!