Thursday, February 16, 2012

KayTar's Timeline

KayTar had to make a timeline of her life for a Social Studies project. It is kind of nice timing, what with her 7th birthday just under a week away! These were the important events/photos that she chose for her timeline and the sentences she wrote about them.

I was born!

I turned 1 years old.

I went to DisneyLand!

I have my hearing aid!
I got glasses.
I went to NYC for a photo shoot!

I started school.

I had surgery.
I lost my first tooth.

I had a surprise party!

I have my car!

I graduated!
I was in Oliver!
This whole blog in 13 pictures. She makes it look so easy! ;)


Cate said...

oh my gosh, adorable! my favorite picture is the glasses one :)

Magpie said...

this is great.

dlefler said...

What a great timeline - here's to an A+, KayTar!!

Tassiegal said...

Looking at those pictures you can really see the changes in her over the years..

alejna said...

This is wonderful. She did a great job. (And I find myself thinking how much work you must have put in sorting through photos! So "great job" to you, too!)

Anonymous said...

A question, I am quite new to this blog so I haven't read all the old posts. Does KayTar not need her hearing aid anymore as she doesn't appear to be wearing it in any photos?

Kyla said...

Great question. KayTar's hearing loss has progressed to the profound range, past the point of being able to be aided, so she doesn't wear it anymore. We still have it, in case her other ear is affected...but hopefully we won't need it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great (and very quick) answer, it was just a little confusing so I decided to ask

~aj~ said...

Cutie patootie!

The one where she first got her glasses actually made me "Awwww" out loud. She is such a doll and I love that I've been "around" for most of these big milestones!

Shellye said...

She selected the important things! I LOVE IT!