Friday, July 29, 2011

Medical Miscellany.

KayTar is still doing the weird breathing thing and I'm still not sure if there is anything to it. The desats on our portable pulse oximeter may or may not be accurate. We're getting a referral to a pulmonologist, though, so hopefully that will be a step in the right direction. I'd love to get a tabletop pulse ox, even temporarily, to check this out, so maybe the pulmonologist can write her a script for one and we can figure out if the breath-holding from "being too tired to breathe all the time" is actually causing any issues for her.


A couple of days ago, KayTar and I went to the mall. She said she didn't need her stroller, so we left it in the car. We just walked down one corridor (our mall is basically a square) to a store, but on the way out she stopped once we got outside and said, "I can't. We have to stop." I had to carry her out to the car and she said, "My legs and body need to go to bed for a while." So that's what she did when we got home. Looks like we'll be using the stroller next time whether she thinks she'll need it or not!


This morning I started her usual feed and less than halfway in, she said, "I'm too full! Stop it or I'll puke!" so I stopped it, waited an hour and restarted it. A couple more ounces went in and she said the same thing, so I stopped it. Once her stomach settled, we went to the store to pick up Gatorade. We waited a while longer and ran in some Gatorade. That went well. She just had another feed, 4 ounces of formula and 2 ounces of Gatorade, and that went well, too. We tried a full formula feed just a bit ago and she tolerated it, but then she said, "Oh, you better not give me anything else until tomorrow! My belly is achey." so I'm hoping it stays down. She's fine otherwise, seemingly healthy and happy...her tummy just isn't quite on the same page at the moment.


We finally got KayTar's MRI situation figured out. It was quite a headache, what with the scheduling service being told that the hospital we were supposed to go to was out of network and scheduling us at a hospital where the ordering physician didn't have rights. When I talked to insurance and the correct hospital, both said it was in-network, but every time the schedulers called, they got a different story. We've been trying to schedule it since her appointment with Dr. K in will only be a couple of weeks shy of her 3 month follow-up appointment when it finally gets done. We won't know what time she is scheduled for until the day before, but the scheduler said she would need to be NPO after midnight, which could be an issue for our hypoglycemic girl! Hopefully, the nurse will have a solution for that when she calls with the official orders.

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Anonymous said...

Bless her! It's hard when your body won't cooperate with your mind!

InTheFastLane said...

A lot of little things....add up to a lot of mom worries.