Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gonna Eat A Lot of Peaches...

On Saturday morning, we went bowling with the cub scouts. About 3 frames into the game, it was BubTar's turn to bowl and we couldn't find him. The alley was mostly empty, us, the workers, and maybe 3 other people. We thought he was in the bathroom, but one of his scout friends checked and he wasn't. So I checked the ladies' room, and he wasn't in there. Then I checked the arcade...and restaurant...and other 4 bathrooms. NOTHING. By this time, me, Josh, the scouts, their parents, and the workers are looking for him. My heart was about fall out my butt, as we speed walked around the building, calling his name...people headed out to the parking lot to look for him. We were probably 10 seconds away from calling the police when one of the moms says, "FOUND HIM!" My darling son was pouting in the corner by the lockers, obscured from view, because his game was not going well. HOLY COW. Josh had a talk with him and I don't think he'll be doing that again...but I'm pretty sure I sprouted some new gray hairs after that. Yikes.

After THAT excitement, we finished our games and then headed out to the country for a little vacation with my parents and niece and nephew. My parents recently got a little house in the country, so that's where we went for our vacation with them this year. It was very relaxing, I finished a book and started a new one, watched some TV shows on DVD, played a LOT of Yahtzee, and generally loafed around. The kids had fun with their cousins and Josh had fun fishing every morning and evening. We could only stay for Saturday-Monday, because Josh was out of vacation days, but BubTar is staying the rest of the week, securing this summer's label as BubTar's Summer of Independence. I swear, that kid has been gone as much as he's been home...if not more. He's loving it, though, so we're okay with it. He's been with his friends, my family, Josh's family...he's been at VBS and camp and birthdays...he's a busy guy these days!

 On the ride up.

 First fish.

 Painting in the library, with bedhead.

 My dad.


 My niece's THIRD Yahtzee in one game!

 Fishing across the pond.

 My dad, using KayTar as a human water balloon shield.

Yes, she actually ATE the pizza that is missing!

As for the title of this post, KayTar and I sing that Presidents of the United States of America song every time we mention going out to the country house. Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches...


S said...

You always take such beautiful photographs.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

My kids went bowling for the first time this week with my summer babysitter. I know, very sad, they are 6 and 8. They were at their dad's this week, and I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Cecelia talking her out of her "I'm a loser" funk b/c younger Jack and sitter Caitlin beat her. Funny how we had somewhat parallel experiences.

I echo slouchy. Your pics are incredible!

~aj~ said...

That BubTar scare still makes me cringe. HATE moments like that. I wonder if Adam will want to be as independent as BubTar here in a couple more years? He's my little homebody this summer.

You got some great pictures! Love that b/w one of KayTar and your dad. I don't remember ever seeing a picture of him before. And so neat that they have a country house now. Looks like the perfect place for a quiet getaway.

The title of this post had me singing that song in my head while I read the whole thing. :)