Friday, April 23, 2010

This weekend...

* We are going to a church movie night with BubTar's new little friend's family. They want to get to know us before letting him sleepover for the party, which we think is awesome!
* Clean the house.
* Bake and ice cupcakes until we drop!
* Study for my Bio II exam tomorrow.

* Class bright and early, 8-2ish. Exam (the first of 4 in a row for the next 4 Saturdays).
* The rest of the family will be going to Scout Fair.
* Get home around 2ish, start prepping for the party!
* Around 3-4 the rest of the family will get home, so it'll be time to make the kids presentable and finish last minute party stuff.
* 5pm the party starts! Everyone will be here for pizza, cake, ice cream, and presents...then around 7, they'll head out and 5 of BubTar's friends are spending the night.
*Later, if the boys settle well, I may sneak out to grab a drink with my oldest friend at her bachelorette party...this TOTALLY depends on the level of CRAZY at our house with all those boys!

* Entertain the boys until their parents arrive, sometime between 12-2 ideally.
* Recuperate. Caffeinate.
* Work on/complete a project for my Human Sexuality course that is due by midnight.
* Eat? Shower? Maybe if there is time. Ha! Sleep is going to have to wait until post-midnight, which technically falls onto the MONDAY to do list. ;)

I was feeling a little overbooked earlier today, but then in the waiting area at therapy, KayTar announced loudly, to EVERYONE, "That is my mom over there...she's going to be a DOCTOR! Isn't that awesome?!" It was exactly the reminder I needed going into a weekend like this. It may not be easy to "do it all" all the time, but it will be worth it in the end. One day, in the distant future that seems lifetimes away from where I am today, I hope that I WILL be a doctor and that I will have taught my children that it doesn't matter where you are in life at any given moment, with dedication and hard work (and sacrifice and sleep deprivation), you can achieve whatever it is you set out to do. Now I'm going to go repeat that to myself while I toss back another cup of coffee and hit the books. ;)


sheree said...

I love that you have "rejuvenate, caffeinate" on your Sunday to-do's!

And yes, you are an amazing role model to your Tars!

Christina said...

Kaytar us right - it IS pretty damn awesome!! Keep your eye on the prize. It will all be over so fast....

natalie said...


You have no idea how much of an inspiration you are. When I'm tired and I'm hitting my brick wall, I just think about you and how much you do--how much you cram into 24 hours and I find the strength to get one more thing done. So, not only are you a role model to your children, you're a role model for people you've never even met before.

Thank you...

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Good luck, Kyla! Your kids are adorable. Nice list, Leo!

painted maypole said...

it IS awesome. YOU are AWEsome.

and dude. 12-2? You should be sending those boys home at 10am.

RazzberryMomma said...

You are such an inspiration! Your babies are so lucky to have such an amazing role model in their lives! Huge ((((hugs)))) to make it through the weekend!