Sunday, November 18, 2007


You know that feeling when there are are a fistful of posts dangling from the tree of your mind, but none of them is quite ripe yet? I have loads of ideas, but none of them are bubbling forth in the form of words. I never craft my posts. I don't work on them in advance or draft them and add to them. I just sit down and out they spill onto the screen, because it is just time for them to be born into the world. All that is to say, today I'm a bit stuck, and because it is NaBloPoMo I am playing through the pain.

I could talk about what I've learned about myself during this vacation or about the HUGE verbal progress KayTar has made recently. I could talk about how we are trying to wean BubTar off the constant habit of dissolving into tears over inconsequential (usually video game-related) things or about how in the last two weeks, KayTar has suddenly realized she is TWO and has been missing out on the whole "TERRIBLE" part and is wholeheartedly seeking to rectify that. I could talk about how I am being forced to eat more healthfully by my restricted diet and have been medically motivated to get a bit more exercise or about how this vacation from the medical world has been perfectly timed for all of us. I could talk about how KayTar was eating a single container of yogurt per day last week and this week finds her eating toast, nuggets, baby food, yogurt, Cheez-its, and more. Or about how KayTar is reading, reading, reading. Words, sentences, and more. Words she has no real business reading at age two, but still she does it. She read to me from my Jodi Picoult book yesterday. I could talk for ages about that. But I won't, because I can't seem to get it all to congeal into words yet. But there I will say this little break has been beautiful for us all.

But in lieu of all that actual content, I give you my personality test results, courtesy of my father. He works in the oil business as a safety guy. He has a big seminar or conference with Chevron coming up and they sent him out a fancy personality profiler test because they are using the results to arrange seating properly for the conference/seminar/whatever. Cool concept, I think. So this is what it says about me.


The Socializing Relater, The Helper

I am a low key, inclusive person who makes others feel comfortable and wanted. I fit into one of the two most naturally supportive styles. I am a natural conversationalist who both listens and expresses myself with ease. I seek positive relationships and enjoy being involved with different kinds of people in different situations. However, there are times when I enjoy being on my own, having time to think about why people are doing what they are doing.

I have a tendency to build esteem in others and I am always looking for opportunities to seek harmony both at home and at work. I sometimes lack assertiveness with others and play down my own personal needs.

I have an inherent sense of fun and enjoy seeing people happy. I do not like confrontation, arguments, or conflict.

My tendencies include:
* I empathize and project concern for others
* I become overly subjective about people I care about
* I am dependable, caring and responsible
* I listen to people's feelings and don't mind sharing my own
* I will show confidence and trust in people
* I prefer people oriented, positive work environments
* I like to hug and kiss those I love

My Potential Limiters:

With tasks: I would benefit by learning when and how to take charge of a situation. I sometimes find myself procrastinating, waiting for others to provide direction. To be highly competitive, I need some coaching on assertiveness.

With people: Because I have strong people needs and a desire to please others, I can become exhausted by striving to meet their demands. I must learn how to say no. I also have difficulty dealing with conflict, because when people express displeasure or disagreement, I tend to interpret it as personal rejection.

* I should become more assertive about my personal needs
* I need to learn conflict resolution and negotiation skills
* I need training or coaching on how to set priorities, manage resources and monitor tasks
* I should find a method to satisfy my need to know how people really feel about me


I think it pegged me pretty well, actually. I wish that it was an online test, because then I could find out how many of you fine folks would be seated next to me at this hypothetical conference. I'll settle for knowing how many of think you'd fall into the same profile, though. These things always pique my interest.

Be back tomorrow...with a bit more to say, I hope!

Finally starting to look like fall here!


flutter said...

That sounds like you. I'll be here to read, you just let it flow baby

S said...

Yeah, from my perspective as one of your readers, I'd say it fits rather well. And some of it would apply to me, too, but not all. I think I'm more of a private person than the person described in that profile.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Kaytar for eating like a champ lately!! And reading?? Amazing Kyla!

Well I think your profile describes me to a tee. I used to work in an organziation that had us all do the Meyer's Briggs (sp?) personality test, have you done that one? I love that type of stuff as well.

Julie Pippert said...

Wow and YEA! about KayTar eating so well and all that reading! Go KayTar. Glad the break is restful and you are caring for you, too.

Interesting profile!

I'd be scared what it said about me LOL.

Using My Words

motherbumper said...

Well they pegged you! (and that is a cool concept for making up seating plans - I bet the groups are way more productive).

I like all those teasers because Kaytar sounds great (and omg Bubtars meltdowns - yikes - I hope they dissolve soon for your sake).

That's a great Fall photo.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

READING?! That's amazing!

Oh and that test totally nailed you. I think I'd be sitting near you but one row back being much more annoying.

Girlplustwo said...

that test seemed pretty well spot on...and you know, i am here, woman...anything you want to say. am here.

Junie's Blog said...

Well that sounds like the Kyla I "know". I think I'd be pretty similar!

Julie said...

Oooh, I wish it was an online test, I love that stuff. The description is similar to how I was about 10 years ago. I've become much more demanding in my old age, less agreeable or concerned about making others happy.

Aliki2006 said...

For a post that reportedly didn't have much too it, this one was filled with juicy bits!

I'm glad KayTar is eating so well! And LOL about the Terrible Twos part. Tessa will be 4 in January and seems to be trying to squeeze in all the terribleness she can manage lately.

Kristin said...

I'm so glad y'all are enjoying your "vacation". It was obviously both needed and deserved and I'm thrilled KayTar is becoming more and more of a two year old every day...well, the reading isn't so "2" but you know... :) Seriously the eating is so exciting. I know how it is.

Good luck with Bub's tears. I think he's just a sensie. I can say that because I know you watch Scrubs and should know what a sensie is. :) Not that it would be all that hard to figure out I s'pose.

Okay, I'll stop talking now...

Christine said...

dude--this is so YOU. how can we get out hands on one of these tests? i'd love to figure myself out!

Run ANC said...

Reading?? Wqw,

Janet said...

Know what? I think we'd be sitting next to one another at a seminar, possibly only until they separated us for whispering too much.

Amy said...

The reading still makes my jaw drop! Wow. And I am so, so happy about the eating.

And I agree, that is sooo you!

Gretchen said...

Re: personality test--I think mine would be indentical. I love those tests. Hope your vacation continues to be enjoyable!