Monday, November 26, 2007



"Dear Tooth Fairy"

"Please answer the questions"

"What's your name?"

"Dropping the ball"

"Out with the old"

"What kind of ship never sinks? A friendship."

"(Viruses) can live on surfaces for days."

"Why is ice slippery?"


"Diapers are shaped for babies"

"Why do babies lose their hair?"

"The van rocks again."


What are things KayTar read to me from Wondertime magazine last night?


We restart therapy today. Wish the littlest 'Tar luck. I talked to her about it yesterday and she worked it into her imaginary play, "Come on Car. Go-a erapy a-day. Wes go." Here's hoping she's ready for it.


Junie's Blog said...

Good luck today Kyla and Kaytar! That break went fast!

Family Adventure said...

I'll be thinking about you both. Hope it goes well.

And that reading: She *is* amazing, Kyla. But then, you know that already.


Beck said...

When The Baby - on my knee - saw the picture, she squinted and then announced "Dat's not me."
I hope her therapy goes well today.

Aliki2006 said...

Good luck! I'll wish you the best!

Becca said...

Good luck, you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your break is already over! We just returned from therapy. I always just ask E if he's ready to go play, someday I guess I will have to tell him what it is.

NotSoSage said...

Hey you. I've missed you...I never get bloggy time anymore, and that photo of KayTar made my heart leap.

And that reading? She's incredible!

Janet said...

Ack, my brain hurts! I suck at Jeopardy.

Hope therapy goes swimmingly.

PS I am extremely covetous o KayTar's hair! Elyse refuses all hair accessories and Hailey now has a lot of rules that I must follow or face the wrath of the bitter six-year-old.

Julie Pippert said...

I hope today goes okay!!

And wow on the reading.

Using My Words

Kristin said...

Break's over already??? :(

And, she doesn't know the word "virus"? That's a good thing, right? :)

Oh sweet, KayTar...hope therapy goes well again.

moplans said...

she's so cute.

carrie said...

She looks ready! Wishing you the best of luck!

PJ said...

Kaytar's creativity must come from her mother!!

Praying all goes well on this time of therapy!

flutter said...

I hope so too

motherbumper said...

I agree with other fans, I mean comments: the break went quickly. I love her hair in that photo, Cindy Brady ain't got nothing on her.

Girlplustwo said...

good luck, sister. all of you.

Mimi said...

Good luck, you guys. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Sympathies with the therapy. I think it was last year that collectively they had 13 sessions week. I know how exhausting [and expensive] it can all be.
Best wishes

Christine said...

wow. that girl can READ. i am so amazed. hope therapy was good.