Thursday, November 01, 2007

If you don't... I'll lock you in Davy Jones' locker!

The power went to his head. All night we heard various refrains of "If you don't [insert action here] I'll lock you in Davy Jones' locker!"

For example:
If you don't stop at this stoplight, I'll lock you in Davy Jones' locker.

If you don't stop singing, I'll lock you in Davy Jones' locker.

If you kiss Mommy again, I'll lock you in Davy Jones' locker.

He doesn't look power hungry, but don't let it fool you. ;)


KayTar on the other hand, was fairly clueless about everything except her costume. She has found her True Love in the form of a pirate dress. She had a big day yesterday, with double doctor appointment and only caught a 30 minute nap on the way home from downtown. She zonked out in the car on the way home from the festival and she slept through me putting on her pajama bottoms, but as soon as I started taking off the dress, she startled awake. "Pirate dress up! Pirate dress up! No sweep clothes!" So we compromised on letting her cuddle the dress to sleep in her crib. This morning she woke in a panic because she couldn't find it. I have a feeling Pirate KayTar will be a frequent visitor at our home. But she's so cute, we'll let her stay as long as she likes.

"Ck or Treat, 'curvy dogs!"
Yeah, sometimes I do take advantage of the whole parroting thing. ;)


The appointments well. The doctor thing is starting to wear on her again, though. Monday we had an in town playdate and all the way down the main street, she kept saying "Bye doctors! Bye town! BYE! BYE!" I kept telling her we were just there for fun this time. When we got to the hospital yesterday, she started saying, "Don't want to." repeatedly in a tiny, sad voice. The ophtho said her eyeballs look fine, so she basically turfed us back to neuro. Always nice to have a wasted appointment. At the pediatrician's, we found that she's grown half a pound in two months, so we get to hold off on another appointment until she is three. Hooray! Our lovely pediatrician also let us hold off on a flu shot, because KayTar is starting to show doctor anxiety again. We thought a nice painless appointment was in order. Monday I have to go to town (as KayTar calls it) again for her ABR and GI x-rays, so we'll swing by the pediatrician's too for a quick flu shot. Monday will do nothing to help her anxiety levels. I think the ABR is probably the most stressful test for both of us. She just handles that form of sedation so poorly. But we'll try and make it as painless as possible for her.


KayTar scared Josh to death yesterday. He was in her room with her and she was crying. He called me with panic in his voice, so I went to see what was wrong. His thumb was wet.

J: Look at this! What color is it?

K: Yellow?

J: Yes. She just cried YELLOW TEARS! What the--

K: Hon, they put dye in her eyes today at her appointment, it is just leftover from that.

J: Oh my God. I thought "Good God, she's crying yellow tears. Another thing is wrong?! We're gonna have to go to the hospital..."

K: Yeah, it is just leftover dye. She's fine.

J: Wow.

K: She got you good. Happy Halloween.


If you missed the slideshow I posted last night, check it out. It's packed to the brim with cuteness.



motherbumper said...

I love me some pirates!

And yellow tears would have!

Julie Pippert said...

POOR JOSH!!! OMS I'd've been six ways of freaked out too. Poor Josh.

And BubTar is cracking me up. P2 is similarly attached to Georgie. We need to get the Pirate and the Monkey together.

Your ped sounds great and well, I feel mixed about the appointments.

Using My Words

Amy said...

Love the costumes!

And so sorry to hear Katie is getting doctor anxiety. That is no fun at all. Julia still has it and she hasn't been to the doc in over 6 months :(

Beck said...

Poor, poor Josh - that WOULD be horrifying!
And how cute where your little pirates? Oh my gosh!

Family Adventure said...

Your pirates are pretty much the cutest ones out there. I hadn't seen that Davy Jones costume before, very, very cool.

Poor K...I wish there was something we could do to make it all go AWAY. Or at least have her sleeping from the house already, before you even got to the appointments, so she wouldn't have to worry. It breaks my heart. And I cannot imagine what it does to yours.

Hugs to all of you and good luck!


InTheFastLane said...

Arg! We had Jack Sparrow at our house. It is so sweet that she loves her costume that much.

Janet said...

That Davy Jones mask is seriously frightening to me. It is.

Yellow tears would scare me more though. Poor Josh.

Aliki2006 said...

They look amazing!

I'm sorry about that yellow tear scare--your poor husband!

Mad said...

Yup, that's chock full of cuteness.

I think I would've died if I stumbled upon the yellow tears without knowing.

Junie's Blog said...

Yeah yellow tears are pretty freaky!!! I'm glad to hear Kaytar is putting on weight! She's so cute as a scurvy pirate! lol Bubtar is cracking me up!!!

Run ANC said...

Wow, she looks so grown up in her pirate dress!

And yeah to what others have said before me - yellow tears, ug.

Kristin said...

Yellow tears?!?! I'm glad YOU knew the real reason for those. Poor ManTar.

You have the cutest little pirates ever. I so want to hear KayTar say it.

Still no results? Poo.

flutter said...

Dude, Josh is money. Poor guy....and also, curvy dogs? How do you not die from cute?

carrie said...

Glad the appointments went well!

They are ADORABLE!

ms blue said...

No, not Davy Jones' locker!

I couldn't imagine what could make up for all the doctors appointments. A world full of stickers would still get "Don't want to." (hugs)

I had no idea that you could colour tears.

Sarah said...

Soooo cute! Love the slide show too!

Yellow tears! That would have freaked me out! Anything that has to do with yellow skin, eyes, anything body part, or function (except urine) would freak me out if it's yellow!

kittenpie said...

Um, yeah, yellow tears would freak me out a bit, too. But how cute is bub?! I love it. Pumpkinpie has been issuing htreats of her own, though, and not just for comic effect. Those ones aren't going over so well!

moplans said...

Pirate KayTar is ADORABLE!!
and yeah yellow tears, seriously it takes less than that to send me over the edge these days.
wanna give me some sedation tips?
we've got an appointment with anesthesia next week